SEO myths you need to be careful of

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a strategy used by website owners to ensure that their site is seen when a web user is searching for something on the internet. Search engine sites such as Google will show a list of websites based on what is typed into the search bar.

For example, someone may search for “healthy recipes” and then are shown websites that include healthy recipes. Another user may be seeking information on local rubbish collection, and are then shown relevant results for their area.

It is crucial for a website to be shown on that first page in order for more people to see and visit their site. Furthermore, it is important for a website to show up for a few different terms that are typed into a Google search bar.

A few examples of strategies that can be used to increase the chances of getting on that first page are things like including relevant keywords in a blog post on a website, or by sharing a page link on other relevant sites.

Many people and businesses use these techniques to help build their search engine rankings and visibility, however, there are some SEO myths to watch out for. Google is very aware that many try to use strategies to get noticed and that many have abused these strategies.

In order to avoid this, Google has gone to great lengths to ensure that no-one knows all of the secrets or algorithms to the Google ranking system. Because of this, it is important to know what tactics will work and what will not.

Furthermore, when seeking professional help, it is crucial to find a good quality SEO company that will garner real and substantial results. This article will explore what SEO myths to stay away from and steps that can be taken to find a quality SEO expert.

SEO is fake

As there are a lot of dodgy companies out there who falsely claim they can achieve the highest ranking in a short period of time for a high price, many believe that optimisation techniques are all phony.

This is absolutely a myth as there are still many proven strategies that can be used by individuals and companies alike. While Google do their best to eradicate any quick fix techniques, they do offer a starter guide with basic steps that all website owners should be taking.

This debunks the SEO myth that visibility strategies are fake, and shows that there are standard steps that everybody can take. Of course, the best way to figure out if this is a myth or not is to simply try out some strategies. Try researching some basic tools and then implement them and see if any changes occur.

You only have to use SEO once

Many believe that when strategies have been used once, they will automatically remain at the top spot in search engine results. This is absolutely a myth.

Consistent tools such as providing regular and relevant content is the only way to stay on top, and the best companies schedule in optimisation technique time. Alternatively, many seek out the help of a good SEO expert who can take care of their search engine needs for them.

A great company will understand the importance of this and will regularly use small but powerful tools in order to increase visibility.

Keywords don’t matter

With all of Googles efforts to eradicate search engine strategies, many believe that using relevant keywords no longer matter. While Google is constantly changing their algorithms and no-one truly knows how these algorithms work, it is a myth that keywords no longer matter.

It is still important to include relevant keywords in blog posts in order for search engines to notice a site, and it is likely that keywords will always be important. A quality SEO company can work with a business to help ensure that the correct keywords, as well as long-tail keywords, are used in order to achieve the best results.

Linking doesn’t matter

When a website is mentioned elsewhere on the internet, the belief is that Google will be more likely to pick up that website as it is more legitimate. This was taken advantage of and some sites spammed the internet with their links.

Google has stamped this out so many believe that linking doesn’t matter anymore. This is not the case. Good quality links that are shared to relevant websites are still a fantastic way to increase visibility, thus debunking the SEO myth that linking doesn’t matter.

It’s not worth while hiring a professional

As Google has such a strong hold over what is what with search engine ranking, many believe that hiring a professional isn’t worth the investment. This simply isn’t the case.

As discussed, SEO is still a viable option but it does take time and it is important to find the correct strategy. Seeking professional help is a great way to save time while also ensuring that the best techniques are been used.

A good company will clearly explain how they can help and offer a reasonable timeframe. They will have testimonials from previous customers and will not claim to catapult a site to the highest ranking overnight. The best companies will clearly explain what can be done to a blog or site by the owner so visibility will increase for the long term.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to search engine optimisation, however, there are also many myths and misconceptions out there. Some believe SEO is fake and others believe you only have to use it once to achieve long-term results. Some are convinced that keywords and linking do not matter, and others don’t think it is worth hiring a professional.

Whatever is believed, it is important to do some research to see what is what. It is important to stay away from companies that make outrageous claims, and to find a business that can truly help a website reach the highest search engine rankings possible.

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