startup resources

Startup Resources

Here’s some resources that will help you kick some serious startup ass.  We’ve personally used everything we recommend, and hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Software / Tools


Digital Ocean – Affordable SSD Cloud hosting (great for smaller websites that need to load quickly and have decent uptime).

Amazon Web Services (AWS) – The most popular cloud hosting service.  Highly scalable.  Great for every type of website but (arguably) more complicated to use than other options.  AWS isn’t for the faint of heart.

Heroku – A free cloud app service.  Great for experimenting with new software tools or services at no cost.

Project Management

Asana – Slick interface, free to use, new features being added constantly…what more could you ask for?

Email Marketing

Mad Mimi – Easy-to-use, affordable, and the best support team we’ve ever seen!

MailChimp – One of the most popular email marketing platforms.  Pricier than Mad Mimi but also has more features.

Email Deliverability

Winning Email – Check to make sure your server and DNS records are configured properly, so your emails don’t get flagged as spam.  Their Email Booster tool can help improve your open and click-through rates too!


Papaly – Save and organize your favorite links in the cloud.


Social Networking

Facebook – Every reputable business needs a Facebook Page.  Don’t forget to sign up for Groups too, it’s a good way to network within your niche.

Twitter – Twitter can be a very powerful marketing platform too.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is great for connecting with like-minded people in your industry.

Google+ – Google+ Communities are (in our opinion) even more powerful than Facebook Groups.  Plus the “quality” of members just seems better overall.

Graphic Design

Canva – a tool that makes graphic design simple for everyone.  Seriously.  We use it ALL the time!


Market Research

Think With Google – Keep up to date with trends in every industry.


LegalZoom – Affordable legal services to help with everything from starting a business, to running a business, to filing a trademark application…even making a will.


codecademy – Learn to program for free.