How to Recruit Senior Level Management

There’s a marked difference between recruiting at a junior level and recruiting for a company’s senior management level. The candidate pool is noticeably smaller and at this stage in their career, the candidate often finds himself at the decision making helm. Thus, along with the candidate, you need to prepare for an interview as well. Here are a few tips to help you recruit the best talent for your company.

Bring your A Game

Just as you expect the candidate to make a good first impression, you must also make a good first impression on the candidate. Present yourself professionally and talk about the company and the vacant posts needs openly. It is important to connect with the candidate make him or her feel comfortable.

Equate their Needs with Yours

When you ask the candidate about their career path, don’t only look out for how they can benefit your organization. You must also understand what they are looking for and what aspect of the post will appeal to them most. It is equally important for a job to fit a person and for the person to fit the job. For example, a candidate may not be too interested in company perks but may be looking for a challenging position. In this case, it is better to discuss why the post could be the ‘next best step’ for the candidate’s career rather than stressing on the company culture and benefits.

Have the Right Answers

When they reach a senior position, candidates can have as many questions as the interviewer. It is important for you to have the relevant answers so as to maintain their interest in your company. Only asking questions without being able to answer the candidate’s doubts will make him/her feel as though they are not being taken seriously enough.

Get Help

There are a number of advantages to getting in touch with a recruiter for your senior level posts. Firstly, they have more resources at their disposal and can save you time and effort. Most recruiters also focus on specific industries. For example, SHEQ executive search companies focus solely on recruiting management for health and safety industries. Thus they have access to a larger pool of candidates and a number of connections that could be beneficial to you.

Give Feedback

Whether you choose to take a candidate to the next stage of your recruitment process or not, giving feedback is a must. This helps strengthen your brand and professional image. If you want to extend an offer, don’t wait too long before doing so. In most cases, your candidate will be interviewing at multiple places. Be aware of what qualities are absolute must-haves and where you can be flexible.

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