Quick Tips For Becoming An Effective Sales Manager

Managing a sales team can be really tough, but it’s also really rewarding. A great salesperson is made up of many things. They need to be ambitious, energetic, driven, motivated, creative and goal seeking. So having to mold them into a high performing, team orientated unit is definitely a challenge.

Here are our quick tips to help you manage your sales team.

  • Communication is key – Every member of your team should know what you expect from them. Make sure you are setting realistic targets for each team member that are based upon their experience and knowledge. Nothing should be left to chance. So make sure that your communication with regards to what you expect from your team are very clear.
  • Include your team – Involve you team when setting targets and sales strategies. Don’t just tell them what needs to be done. Involve them in these decisions and you will get more out of them because they will feel as though they are part of a team. Otherwise they will become disenchanted, feeling as though they’re part of a group who just takes orders from a sales manager.
  • Deal with issues head on – If you are having performance issues with your staff, tackle them before it becomes a bigger problem.
  • Continually raise the bar – It is your job as a sales manager to raise the bar and constantly improve the performance and output from your team. Look at your targets regularly and review if they’re high enough, and if it’s enough of a challenge.
  • Recruit the best – You need the best people on your team to get the best results. Are you recruiting the best, what’s your decision based on and how are you determining who is being hired? Most of all, what are you paying? Remember you only get what you pay for.
  • Sales training – Always provides continuous sales training London and coaching for your sales staff. Training applies to everyone, including those who are at the top of their game. You and your team should always be honing, refining and improving your sales skills.
  • Praise goes a long way – Obviously you have a job to earn money, but a pat on the back goes a long way too. Praise your staff for a job well done in public as well as privately. You will reap the rewards and earn their respect in the long run.

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