Primo Hiring Solutions: Helping Companies Find Top Talent Easily

The hiring industry is one of the very few sectors of economic activity, where work never stops. Even during the global slowdown between 2008-2010, employment increased in Delhi by 23,000 in both public and private sectors, according to Government of India Statistics. Not just this, more than 3.6 million executive leaders are predicted to retire in 2017 as per a report by MRInetwork. This means that more younger employees will be required, to fill the management positions.

But the arising of a need to fill positions often paralyses companies. The fear of making a flop hire, losing out business in the duration to hire and worries about employee retention often make companies to actually make bad hires. It can be their inadequate expertise in finding the right candidate or in testing him that causes the problem. According to a report by, 2 in 3 employees say their employer does not know how to use social media to promote job openings.

Recognising their need for external help, Primo Hiring Solutions, aims to use its ability to accurately spot and judge human talent in preventing companies from making bad hires. Primo is a recruitment consultant based in Delhi, India and has been efficiently working for firms by finding the right employee for their company.

Their hiring process is based on a few simple but important ideas. First, that an employee’s personality is as important as the skills he possesses. Primo realises that every company has a culture unique to it. While some firms may require the employee to be assertive and independent, others may require him to be obedient and private.

Second, that the hiring process be quick and efficient to be able to capture the top candidates. For Primo, it is important to quickly approach the right candidates. The best candidates in any industry are off the market in less than 10 days. A study by Officevibe also says that 60% of the potential candidates will quit a job application process because it was too lengthy.

The company has been making its mark in the recruiting industry with especially positive reviews from candidates and companies. And according to a study by undercover recruiter, 15% of job-seekers with a positive hiring experience put more effort into the position.

Today, after helping over 130 companies in filling positions with its unique mix of analytics and assessments, Primo is looking forward to offer workforce management solutions to its clients. Designing, Finance & accounting, Marketing and Administration remain the sectors with the highest demand for the company.

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