How to Prevent Data Breaches with Cybersecurity Measures

No business or organisation is immune to security breaches. Mobile technology has become a standard across organisations across the globe, which has opened up a whole new world for cyber criminals, making businesses of all sizes vulnerable to cyberattacks that lead to security breaches.

It’s believed that as mobile devices are used more and more for business communications and data, cybercrime will increase. This is an issue that affects all businesses, all over the world. What can you do about it?

  1. Cyber criminals can attack at any time or anywhere. These hackers are all over the world, so they are online day and night looking for their next victim to breach. When they attack, the often steal personal and financial information. They gain access to networks and servers via unsecured channels that connect businesses across the world. Mobile devices, tablets and smartphones, are giving them easier access. They have become quite clever finding ways to penetrate security patches.
  2. Cyberattacks cost you time and money. It can cost a business an average of $10,000 to have their data released and restored to their databases. Let’s not forget to mention the blow to their reputation among consumers that they have to mend. Once a business gets attacked and people find out, they are less likely to trust their online assets for a long time without some reassurance. Companies spend a lot of money and time on fixing recurring data errors just to stay ahead of these criminals.
  3. No business can escape the risk of cyberattacks. Every business, from small local businesses to huge corporations are immune. Small businesses are most susceptible to phishing campaigns via email, fraudulent websites, and malicious links.
  4. Cyberattacks can come from anywhere. Employers as well as employees must be diligent about using their online assets and resources. Employees should be educated and aware of security protocols that will minimise, but not totally eliminate security threats. Teach them to be wary of links in suspicious emails and malicious links sent via text message and through fraudulent websites. They should know these gateways give hackers access to information they shouldn’t have.
  5. Mobile technology has increased security breach vulnerability. Mobile devices access networks and servers from all over the world. Some of these servers and networks are unsecured, making them a good point of attack for cyber criminals. That equals trouble for the business using these access points. The goal is to communicate and access resources online without giving these criminals access, so every employer and employee must be on high alert when accessing anything online.

Good Mobile Security Protocols and Actions to Take

Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices are part of everyday life and isn’t likely to go away. Productivity in the workplace relies on connecting with employees, clients, and customers, therefore training is needed to minimise security breaches.

Here are some good ground rules to set for your employees.

  • Secure and lock down mobile devices when not in use
  • Audit all mobile devices and networks regularly
  • Update anti-virus and security apps on mobile devices
  • Isolate custom gateways for exclusive mobile communication and data access
  • Block or limit the use of third-party software
  • Use a VPN to encrypt communications
  • Create strong passwords or biometric identification

It’s crucial for companies to keep their employees informed and trained on how to improve their mobile device security. That’s the only way to reduce the risk of cyberattacks in the workplace. If you fail to use proper protocols, you could face not only the costs of lost data retrieval and repairing your reputation, but you could also risk regulation compliance, which comes with hefty fines.

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