Pointers on Hiring a Social Media Manager for your Dental Practice

So, How Does One Go About Finding The Right Person To Manage Their Social Networks?

Nowadays there are so many people who claim to be “social media experts”, to find the proper person to hire, a through ad for hire must be created. The ad must clearly states that that you are aiming to accomplish with the use of social media marketing as well as the qualifications that a social media manager should possess.

We are aware of the busy schedule dentists have so we have drafted a brief checklist that can help you on your search to hire a social media manager.

1. Create a Hiring Ad That Is Thorough

This is where your definition of success is expressed and where you indicate what your new hire should be like. The ad must be thorough. Research job descriptions for social media and create an ad that reflects the business goals you have in place. It is crucial to request samples. Your applicants should be willing to send you links to their social media networks, writing samples, etc. You should attempt to choose at least ten possible candidates.

2. Ask Around For Recommendations Of a Social Media Manager To Hire

Perhaps one of your dental colleagues will have worked with or is working with a social media manager or consultant that they like and trust. Post a request on Linkedin or ask your social media networks if they have recommendations. You could also look to other professionals directly for their personal recommendation.

3. Your Ad Should Be Posted In Facebook Groups

In order to search for candidates that are qualified, many people post their ads on Facebook, you could however also benefit from posting in certain Facebook groups dedicated to hiring social media managers. This will avoid you becoming swamped with resumes and you are able to begin your screening process right away while online. You want to search for groups that are geared towards entrepreneurs or the have the word “freelancer” in them. Here are some good tips.

4. Look Over Their Social Media Networks

To help narrow down your search, try to Google their name as well as look for their social media networks. When looking to hire a social media manager, this tip can really come in handy. Someone’s social media networks can tell you a lot about them, they should have ample following on their networks. Their success, work ethics as well as values are also easy to find on their social media networks. If this is not something you are able to deduce when looking over their social media networks than just ask them directly. You want to be sure that their values align with yours.

5. Provide a Sample Assessment

Once the search for you applicants has been narrowed down, assign them a sample assignment. This will give you a better idea of their work and help you assess whether they fit in with your business and team. Request that your potential hire create an example Facebook status that or a graphic for your social media channel that is they were to be hired, they would create for you.

Additionally, you need to ensure that they understand the issues at hand with compliance practices and keeping data safe when using your dental businesses social media profiles. HIPAA compliance expert River Cohen advises you also get insured to prevent any mishap.

6. Look Into Their References

Before choosing your final candidates, ask for their references. It is important to not be afraid to contact these references and inquire about your potential hire. You can also look at their Linkedin account for any references.

It is important that the social media manager you dire is someone that you trust, someone who resonates with the structure and values of your company or organization. Pay special attention to how well they communicate with you as well as their listening skills. Your personal dentistry practice brand is important, this is why you should only hire someone who meets your criteria fully.

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