Things Every Startup Founder Should Know

10 Things Every Startup Founder Should Know

Inspired by the countless amazing startup success stories circulating around the web, many startup owners are lured by the prospects of setting up a successful venture without having a real knowledge about its potential risks and disappointments. The truth is, running a startup is a tough job and not every startup succeeds. Having some practical knowledge beforehand might help you to avoid some of the most significant mistakes that impede ventures from growing. Here are top 10 things every startup owner should know before entering the business scene.

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Growth Hacking

6 Reasons Why a Growth Hacker is a MUST in Your Startup

In the lifetime of every startup, there comes a point when the venture is ready to scale and looking for potential directions of growth. Determining which ones are right and which are wrong isn’t easy – and that’s when a skilled growth hacker comes in and saves the day. A “Growth Hacker” is someone who can come up with scalable and sustainable growth strategies – he isn’t just a marketer, but a person whose sole purpose at the company is to focus and realize its expansion goals. Here are 6 good reasons why you should think about hiring a growth hacker right now, unless you want for your startup to face some serious problems.

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Mistakes of startup budgets

The most common mistakes of startup budgets

Many startups still make this cardinal mistake – they forget about the importance of their budgets. It might seem absurd, but it’s real. Every startup will at some point need a considerable financial backup from an investor and excellent experience in managing a budget will become a crucial factor. Financial know-how is one of the key characteristics of great entrepreneurs. Fortunately, it can be learned and acquired with experience. Before you delve into the world of startup development, have a look at these most common budget mistakes still being made by beginning startups.

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Challenges of Working Remotely & How TrackDuck Solves Them

A burning need of IT specialists is resulting in a considerable growth of outsourcing which leads to groups of people working all over the world – remotely. Remote communication and work within scattered teams of IT, among different departments or subsidiaries of the same company, with clients miles away etc., causes a whole variety of problems and inconveniences which traditional means of communication like email, Skype and PM tools are not enough to solve anymore.

As a result, this post will highlight three major pains of working remotely within web development and design teams and explain how TrackDuck, a visual feedback tool for web developers and designers not just removes communications challenges but erases them from memory entirely.

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What is a social entrepreneur?

What is a Social Entrepreneur?

It took two decades for the average person to realize something that the business world knew long ago: a new idea in the hands of an entrepreneur is one of the most powerful catalysts of change in the world.

If you are familiar with business entrepreneurs then it won’t be difficult for you to understand who are ‘social entrepreneurs’, and what they do.  Social Entrepreneurs are actually heroes who solve society’s problems by coming up with new and innovative ideas. In other words (as defined by Forbes), Social Entrepreneurs are people who use business to solve society’s problems.

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Advice on How to Start Your Own Business

Advice on How to Start Your Own Business

It’s fairly common for aspiring business owners to be filled with confidence and hope, but not much knowledge or experience in how to actually start a business.  If you fall into this category, don’t worry, you’re not alone 🙂

You and your partners (if applicable) should be able to discern what the goals of your company are, what are its products or services, pricing, and much more. Here’s some advice on how to start your own business.

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