Onsite or Online: Which Type of Equipment Auction Best Suits Your Needs?

Auctions are the easiest way to get rid of unwanted equipment. All the seller has to do is get the equipment to the auctioneer and the transactions are all taken care of. The money is deposited once the sale has been made. Most auctioneers work on a commission basis meaning that you will pay a percentage of the selling price to the auctioneer. It is therefore in the interests of the selling company to get you the best price that they can for the sale of your equipment.

Auctions allow you to turn unwanted equipment into cash, and removes the cost of maintenance and upkeep. When you auction your equipment, you have a definite date that your goods will be sold. The auctioneers will also ensure that the auction and your equipment is comprehensively marketed so they get the best exposure. Competitive bidding will ensure that you get a fair market price. It also means that you don’t have to haggle over the price as the auctioneer’s hammer is final. Auctions do away with the need to deal with people who are actually not interested in buying.

Onsite Auctions – Competitive Bidding Can Help to Drive Up the Price

Some buyers prefer an onsite auction as it gives them a chance to inspect the goods before they decide what they are prepared to pay. For them, the onsite inspection is an important part of the transaction. Buyers who attend onsite auctions come prepared to spend, and they often get quite caught up in the excitement of the auction, knowing that once the equipment is sold there is no second chance. Competitive bidding can help to drive the price of your equipment up. Our onsite auctions are attended by many would-be buyers, all ready to spend on the equipment that fits their needs.

Online Auctions – A World Full of Buyers

Online auctions offer buyers a vast array of products from around the world, while sellers can access a wide range of buyers that would not otherwise have been exposed to their product.

Online auctions can save the bidders time and money, as they no longer have to go to the site sale but can bid from the comfort of their office or home. Many bidders will not attend an onsite auction.

The online buyers are able to get a view of the equipment through photos and documents posted on the website. The audience is a global one. This, as well as the convenience of not having to transport the equipment to the auction site, are reasons why online auctions have become one of the most popular ways to sell equipment. Payment is made straight away and the buyer is responsible for organizing the transport of the equipment to the place that he intends to use it.

On the other hand, online auctions can take a little longer than onsite auctions as a timed online auction normally runs for several days. You also have no knowledge of who is purchasing your goods.

Online or on site?

Whether online or on-site, both have their distinct advantages, which you choose will depend on what you hope to gain from the auction. Both are effective ways to turn unused goods into cash.

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