How One Company Is Using ‘Gift-Giving’ to Fill a Much-Needed Entrepreneurial Void

In this day and age, there is a service for just about everything. You can manage your finances online, use an app to have a meal delivered right to your door, call a drone to bring your groceries to you, and even pay to have someone wait in line for you.

When it comes to your schedule, you can tell your phone, or even a smart home system, to record your meetings, set reminders, and wake you up in the morning. With all of the services available to us, it’s a surprise we have to get out of bed for anything!

There is one service, however, that was, until recently, absent from the market: gift giving. Given everything we have at our fingertips, it seems a bit odd that nobody has thought to take care of one of the most commonly forgotten tasks. Think about it—you may be good at remembering your parents’ birthdays, and you know what day Christmas is, but outside of that, how on top of your gift giving schedule are you?

If gift giving is your “Love Language,” this might make your skin bristle a bit. A company tasked with providing sentimental value to your loved ones? But let’s face it, even if you are an expert at remembering your anniversary or your dad’s birthday, there aren’t many of us out there that are going to remember, say, our nephew’s kindergarten graduation or your boss’s birthday.

This is where Occasion Station comes in. Occasion Station remembers every birthday and graduation for every relative, friend, and acquaintance. You’ll input the names of the recipients, when they need the gift, and what their interests are. From there, Occasion Station takes care of the rest. For those who only trust themselves to shop, that’s fine, too. Occasion Station can just serve as a reminder; you can also pick the perfect gift and then let their team do the heavy lifting.

Seeing this void in the market Occasion station decided to establish themselves in the gift-giving niche. They figured out a way to meet a specific need well enough to make it a successful business. They were able to do so by following a few steps:

1) Meet a Need

Everybody, at some point or another, has what they deem to be a million dollar idea. There are, however, only a few millionaires out there. The reason for this disparity can be chalked up to a lot of things: work ethic, economic trends, poor execution, etc. But one of the most common reason that “good ideas” never come to fruition is that they don’t fill a genuine need.

We already know that just about every service we can think of is already on the market somewhere. Because of that, there’s a good chance that your hypothetical business is actually a real one, owned by someone else who thought of it first. Ultimately, when trying to fill an entrepreneurial void, you have to do some research and figure out whether or not you actually are meeting a need that is currently being ignored by the market.

2) Don’t Try to Please Everyone

Regardless of what your idea is, there’s a good chance that there are people out there who either don’t like it or have no use for it. In fact, that’s a guarantee. Rather than trying to find a product that will be universally adored, find a target audience who shares your sentiments regarding your product, and tailor the experience to them.

Take Occasion Station, for example. Not everybody wants or needs a company to do their gift shopping for them. Occasion Station won’t worry about them. Instead, they’ll focus on their target audience and make sure that their service meets those specific needs.

3) Be Passionate

This should be a given, but it bears mentioning here. Having a great idea is one thing, but genuinely being passionate about the service you offer is what will push you over the top. This passion, coupled with your ingenuity and research, will allow you to take advantage of the niche you find.

Believe it or not, your customers will pick up on this passion. This is part of what wins consistent customers and not just one-time buyers. Your passion will allow you to form a strong brand that will become a standard bearer of sorts as you do business.

You may have never thought of gift giving as a viable business option. That’s exactly what made it such an incredible idea. It’s a need we all have, one that the business is passionate about doing well, and one that was become a full-fledged success. If you’re looking to set out into the world of entrepreneurship, do yourself a favor and take a page out of Occasion Station’s playbook.

StarterPad Staff

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