MyUKMailbox – shopping from the UK has never been this easy!

Alright guys, I’m gonna be totally honest with you. Everybody LOVES saving money, and the holiday seasons are right around the corner. I think it’s definitely smart to buy gifts before December. Stores around the world are currently going crazy with sales, and stores from the UK aren’t backing out of this fight!  You can find amazing products for your loved ones at surprisingly low prices. Not only that, there are items that are so unique that can’t be bought anywhere else in the world… they’re exclusively available only in the UK.

But wait… what if you don’t live in the UK? What if you’re browsing through a plethora of awesome gifts to choose from an online store, only to find out they only ship within the UK? Just really makes you tear up when most UK stores don’t ship overseas and even the ones that do, charge you like you’ve bought double the items you intended to buy!

Stores like IWOOT, GettingPersonal, and even the most unusual of gifts to buy from The Great Gift Company also can’t sell you anything if you live overseas. If only there was a way to buy the things you want and get them delivered at a fair price. Well there is! Today my friends I introduce MyUKMailbox to you.  They can ship the items you’ve bought in the UK and deliver them to you safely however you want it, whenever you want it. MyUKMailbox is a UK-based parcel forwarding service which allows you to import AND export stuff to and from the UK.  They are your new UK address for shopping.

Here’s how MyUKMailbox does things

Upon opening your account you’ll get your own unique suite number at their UK-based warehouse. This can also be interpreted as your personal UK mailbox address, located in Sheffield Street. Through here, you can forward AND receive (I’ll get onto that later) mail, parcels, pillows, marshmallows, a ladybug, just pretty much anything you want and need – anywhere in the world. Now that you’ve setup the receiving address for buying stuff that would normally be only available in the UK, the hard part comes in. SHOPPING!  Find the store that suits you, choose the items that you wanna (yes, I said “items” it’s the holidays, don’t be stingy!), and when filling out the mailing address form just use your MyUKMailbox address … and the rest will be taken care of by them.

Once everything has been processed, the items you’ve bought from the online store will first be delivered to MyUKMailbox’s warehouse. When your items arrive, they notify you through your account and even have a picture of it ready at your request. When your items are ready to be shipped they will consolidate all your purchases into one shipment, which saves you tons of money. And they guarantee you there are no hidden extra charges. All you really have to do is wait!

But I’m too lazy to read all of these 😐

No worries, I got ya!

  1. Open an account on
  2. Buy something from a UK online store
  3. Instead of using your regular mailing address, use the one MyUKMailbox provided
  4. MyUKMailbox will receive your items, package your purchases and ship it to you
  5. Wait till the package arrives.

What if I wanted to send something to someone in the UK?

They can do that too! Earlier I said they can import AND export stuff from and to your personal UK mailbox address. From there you can have those items delivered to the person you want to send them to in the UK. It’s that easy!  It’s called a “parcel forwarding” service for a reason. As a matter of fact they can receive and forward anything from and to anywhere in the world. Wanna buy stylish shoes and add that extra ummff that comes with purchasing stuff from Italy? MyUKMailbox can receive those items for you and deliver it to you wherever you may be! Wanna send some spices available only in your country to a restaurant in China? MyUKMailbox can receive those items and send it to them. MyUKMailbox takes care of customers needs both personal and business related.

Sounds neat! Is there anything else they can offer me?

MyUKMailbox covers a wide array of services like:

  1. Photo Service
  2. Online Mailbox Management
  3. Parcel Consolidation
  4. Re-invoicing
  5. Scan and Email
  6. BuyForMe Service
  7. Storage and much more!

I don’t know about you but I’m heading over there to open my own account, “hopefully” find something affordable on one of UK’s top online stores and have it delivered to me before the holidays. So I urge you to do the same! Happy Holidays!

Christopher Villanueva

Chris has a background in finance and a passion for helping startups. He loves online marketing and has a great grasp of social media. This makes him a perfect fit for the StarterPad team.