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monimen-logoIf you’re a designer or developer who has an entrepreneurial spirit, you really should check out Monimen.  It’s a new online community that connects entrepreneurs, helps them share their startup ideas, post jobs and find the perfect talent.

Here’s how it works …

Idea Cards

These are really cool. You simply fill out a questionaire regarding your new idea (it honestly takes about 30 seconds), then an “elevator pitch” card is created, which you can use to easily share your idea with others.

Ideas 1

Live example:


Once you’ve solidified your idea, it’s easy to turn it into a project.  Think of a “project” in Monimen as the evolution of an idea.  Once your project is live, you can then post jobs and search for talented members.


Talents 1

The Talents page let’s you browse or search other members based on their skills and portfolio.  If you’re looking for a co-founder for your new idea, this is the place to find him or her. Or maybe you want to hire someone?  You’re in luck, there’s a ton of talented Monimen members waiting to hear from you!


Jobs 1

Here you can post your own jobs, or search for available jobs. It’s easy to find the perfect gig, by filtering with whatever your skills are.  Nice!


One awesome feature of Monimen for creative types is the ability to list your skills:

Skills 1

But that’s not even the half of it …

You can then verify these skills:

Verify 1

This way, Monimen can analyze your portfolio and calculate a score for each skill.  How cool is that?


Are you an investor?

If so, you can use Monimen to discover new, exciting projects and fund them!

So what are you waiting for?  Signup now:

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Kane Miller

Kane has been involved in startups since he was a teenager. Him and his sister started a company called "Curb Prints" going door-to-door selling address signs painted on the curb in front of people's houses. Fast forward 20 years, he has a computer engineering background, but is now self employed, working on fun and unique web projects, doing angel investing, and helping startups find success.