JustFly talks about company culture and why it matters

With the advent of tech startups, small businesses, internet fandom, it’s hard to justify a 9-5 workday for a large, corporate business. With pushback on what it means to hold a typical cubicle job, JustFly talks about the vital importance of creating a company culture that fits your business, and why it’s essential in your overall growth.

Over the last several years, scientists and data specialists conducted thousands of tests, and researched the cause of our declining mental, physical, and emotional health. In this research, large amounts of data point to the traditional 9-5 workday as being the perpetrator; people are unhappier and unhealthier than ever and most of it is because of our traditional work environment. With the advent of the internet and remote work, more and more people are turning to freelance work as a way to maintain a lifestyle they choose while still earning an income that’ll support them. With all this research and rise in self-employment, how do business recruit and retain talented people?

Create a space where people can thrive

JustFly-logoThe saying goes “if you build it, they’ll come.” No saying is truer when it comes to creating the best office space for your employees. Keeping stuffy, secluded workspaces where employees cannot interact with one another in a natural way is conducive to workflow and will leave many of your employees feeling caged up according to JustFly’s review. Take a hard look at what your company values are and see if they translate into your office space. Keep true to your own word as an employer that demonstrates accountability, making employees really believe in your message, your vision and your brand.

Word gets around, faster than you think

Office gossip is probably the fastest spreading gossip out there: when you have disgruntled employees, you know that they’re talking about it somewhere to someone. Word of mouth is by far the number one selling point for most products, brands and business out there, so making sure that whatever is being said about you by those you trust is a positive. Give them something (positive) to talk about and watch as your business gains recognition and momentum organically and to the right people. Your employees are your first line of brand ambassadors and the information they let out is figuratively straight from the horse’s mouth: have them boast about your environment, or the things that make your business special!

Team building is the foundation to any business

Getting your team motivated to work with you rather than for you is one of the best ways to boost company culture and morale. As a business owner (or leader), your goal is to get the best work out of your employees, and in turn, your employees look to you for the same. Creating a strong team bond within the office demonstrates accountability, responsibility, and trust in alternative settings, emphasizing your team’s strengths and how to better your weaknesses.

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