Innovative One-Step Hiring Process Provides USA Startups with an all-in-One Solution

USA Startup Jobs scheduled to be launched August 2015 answers complex, pricey, and time-consuming recruitment processes with an all-in-one, one-step job offering and seeking procedure, allowing USA-based SMEs to find the ideal candidate for the task required, fast and easy. It also provides talented professionals from the USA and abroad with an opportunity to send their resume and get instantly matched with the right employer.

June 2015 Of the numerous new employer firms in the USA, two-thirds manage to survive at least 2 years, and approximately 50% of them survive at least four, as per statistics released by the U.S. Bureau of the Census. Today, there are more than 28 million small businesses in the US that employee over 120 million individuals (50% of the working population in the US), generating more than 65% of the net new jobs for the last 20 years. Apparently, SMEs play a vital role in the economy and should be assisted any possible way to, at least, maintain their business. As of now, startup business owners have to spend an enormous amount of time and money on recruiting the right candidate(s) to embrace the company’s objectives and vision and strive to meet them.

USA Startup Jobs

USA Startup Jobs has come to shake the waters of how job offering and hiring used to be carried out. Instead of spending endless hours going through resumes and money on purchasing expensive recruitment software to find the most suited candidate for the task required, new employers can now:

  • Get their job offer posted fast and easy in a quality job portal.

  • Have their job opening shared to the social media (Google+, LinkedIn, Xing, and others) as a means to find the right talent.

  • Hire a skilled professional (mobile job seekers included) from a global pool of talents.

  • Contribute to their communities by employing talented, locally-based professionals.

  • Allow their business operate 24/7 all year long by hiring virtual team members from around the world.

However, USA Startup Jobs is not a job portal where US startups can only post their job opening, but also a platform where applicants can send their resume and get matched with the right employer via an elaborate matching system (internally) that only requires a single click.

Startups are critical to a healthy US economy, considering that the smallest firms drive significant employment growth at an average of 190% of newly created jobs, even during the Great Recession. For that reason, we have dedicated our time and sources to provide SMEs in the USA with an easy-to-use job portal where they can post their job openings and find the most appropriate candidate according to their requirements, without having to purchase costly recruitment software or devoting tons of their valuable time on going through resumes. We also open the doors to talented professionals to work from anywhere around the world and find a dream job.” says founder of USA Startup Jobs, Ashok Dudhat.

Interested parties can find the most skilled professionals, upload their resume or post their job by visiting

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