Important Guidelines For Sellers On eBay Who Want To Increase Profits

Are you about to start setting up an eBay business as a seller? Maybe you have been at it for quite some time, but the fact of the matter is you can always learn something new. Here are some great tips for sellers to help you grow your business and turn those profits.

Research Before Listing Items

You are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t research items and their worth. Bidders are waiting to pounce when it comes to mistakes like that on eBay.

Failing to research products and listings means that you are going to be providing buyers with many discounts, but not for good reason. What happens next is those buyers turn around and outfit listings with new descriptions and a catchy title, turning a profit that you should have made. Use print resources, authority sites and your networked relationship with other sellers to help you understand the business of eBay more thoroughly. Doing proper research helps ensure you don’t make listing mistakes come auction time.

The Downside Of Early Endings To Auctions

It happens to everyone. An item just isn’t getting the bids, or at least not many of them. Sellers sometimes panic and think that it’s time to go ahead and end the auction. You have to realize that it is an industry practice for the top bidders out there to place bids near the end of auctions, before the bell. This practice is known as sniping. When sniping occurs, prices are known to really move at the end of an auction. Furthermore, you don’t want to take early buy email offers to close out an auction either, for two reasons. Chiefly, this against eBay’s terms and conditions for online auctions. Second, an item with that type of interest could fetch you a better price, and you don’t want to sell low.

Keyword Research For Product Titles

Sellers are only allowed so much space when it comes to product titles. Additionally, those titles are important because they have everything to do with keyword searches for products by buyers. Product descriptions are important, too, but the titles are what’s most important in terms of the keyword searches.

Leave out important keywords in your product titles, and you aren’t going to get the kind of attention you expected when it comes to your listings as a seller.

Extraneous words aren’t important whatsoever when it comes to titles, and you need to make sure each word includes pertinent product information. You have to think like the buyer who is searching for products on eBay. Buyers aren’t going to type in adjectives or extra words when searching for products. They are going to instead be very precise. The title you choose is the proper foundation for your listing on eBay.

Don’t Overcharge For Shipping

Charging too much for shipping is a turnoff to buyers out there searching eBay for the right products. If you include shipping cost that are too high, your auction is likely to get overlooked. A good general rule of thumb is to simply charge whatever you have to pay for the shipping and handling yourself. You don’t want to lose money, but you certainly don’t need to make money on the shipping. The buyers won’t let you.

Pack Products Properly

You want repeat customers, and they won’t come back to you if you have packaged items poorly when shipping them. Products need to be secure, and you need to use the best materials. Don’t get in a rush when shipping items because it could mean learning future business. In some instances, poor shipping practices can result in a damaged item and a customer wanting to get his or her money back.

Shipping items according to proper guidelines is very important, and so you want to be sure that you handle this part of the process properly.

Communicate With Top Bidders

You might want to start an email marketing list so that you can stay in communication with people who have purchased some of your items in the past. You do have to get their permission of course in order to add them to your email marketing list. If you shop on Whohou you will see how they are a good example of this. They keep in touch with them consistently to tell them about exciting new product listings and other news you might have for them. One thing you don’t want to do, however, is send too many emails out to your list. This will annoy the buyers.

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