How to Make the Best Team Work Together

As of 2015, there are 7.3 billion people around the world. That’s 7.3 billion people in the world breathing the same together, sharing resources, and of course, trying to work together!

In this age where diversity and variety are celebrated, it can be really challenging to put a team of individuals and have them work together.

If you are faced with a similar conundrum, here are some tips that might help you build the best team and get them to work well together.

1. Embrace individuality

Yes, you’re trying to put a team together but keep in mind that the members will be individual people. Embrace their individuality by taking a look at what each member can bring to the table. Examine them one by one and focus on their strengths and how these can benefit the team as a whole. Each team member is likely to have an expertise on something and that’ll be a good starting point for item No. 2.

2. Carefully define roles

Like the body, the team is an organic unit which consists of parts that make up the whole. A well-managed and efficient team has defined roles and each member is clear on what his or her task is and how he or she is supposed to do it. Think of your team like a factory’s assembly line; it’s easier to have a person do a task that he or she is particularly good at rather than have all the team members focus on that one task. Defining roles also makes it easier for the team to check each other’s progress and reflect on what they have accomplished altogether.

3. Share with the team the ultimate goals

Once you have defined roles, now it’s time to define goals. Yes, each member has a specific task to work on, but the team should have a uniform goal. This finish line will set the direction that they’ll take and will also dictate the timeline of their tasks. Setting goals and checkpoints along the way will also help the team to assess if they are still on track and if the work that they’re doing is actually bringing them closer to the end goal.

4. Keep communication lines open

This is pretty obvious but communication can really go a long way if you’re trying to manage a team of very different individuals. Each of us expresses ourselves in a different manner, we take in information in different ways, and we work using different strategies. Open communication helps the team members understand each other, why they’re doing what they’re doing, and how each of them can help the others. Communication also helps in bringing them closer together and promoting camaraderie.

5. Promote activities that cultivate trust with each other

A working place where trust is practiced and promoted helps the team members’ work at peace and in their full potential. Teams who are more trustworthy are also more likely to achieve milestones and perform efficiently together. Trust inspires people to do their best and open themselves to honest yet constructive critic of their output. When reciprocated throughout the team, trust creates a feeling of oneness, of belonging to a family or unit with the same vision.

Working with other people can be hard, especially if one was used to working alone. However, we can make certain adjustments to ensure that the team will work efficiently and happily together.

When each team member understands the group goals, getting them to work best together will no longer be as difficult as when they were shooting blind and aiming to contribute individually.

Lisa Froeling

Lisa Froelings is an entrepreneur and mother of 3. She’s currently studying how to become more productive around kids and juggle between raising funds for her businesses and her kids. You may connect with her on Twitter @LisaFroelings.