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How to Make More Money for Your Business by Investing in Your IT

In the digital and multimedia world in which we live, it is becoming more and more critical for a business to understand that technology, specifically that which is in relationship to their ecommerce site, have proper investments within the IT of such site. Mainly, a business needs to understand the functionality of cloud services and how it relates to their IT. Our world works at an exceptionally fast pace. Immediate access and quick transactions between businesses, specifically ecommerce sites, are expected by consumers. Yet, many people have not embraced or understand the benefits of investing in IT services. The few that have invested in such services many times overlook utilizing the functionality of “the cloud”. By understanding some fundamental yet critical points, your business is more likely to make more money.

You are only making money if your site is working

One of the greatest contributions of the could when it comes to your business’s IT is that it provides you with a disaster plan. Time is money. If your site is down it is not making money.

Where many businesses keep information on servers and on external drives, this is really not the best option in today’s world. Why is this?

The answer is quite simple. If the power goes out in your entire building then there is really no way to access the data of your ecommerce site.

If by some chance there is a power surge that wipes off the information in the server (or worse if the server overheats and burns out) then the information is lost.

Cloud services allow you to have your data stored in a safe location that is not dependent upon your hardware. Yes, it is advisable that you have you data stored locally as well, but for a disaster plan it is wise to have your ecommerce data on the cloud so as to have no interruptions of service and therefore maximize the potential profitability that the site can provide.

Hosting that is dedicated and reliable

Businesses which are dependent upon hosting need to consider the advantages of cloud services. The cloud allows members with access to update and upload information to the hosting provider from anywhere that there is an internet connection. The hosting is not confined to the spaces of an office. The versatility of being able to access and update your information on a hosting service on the cloud saves both time and money. Again, there is also the added security of knowing that the information is not limited to your facility or to the potential problems that can occur to a single dedicated server.

Hosting that is on the cloud uses multiple servers and therefore you get more reliable services. The fact that the hosting is dedicated to your specific business and not a catch all (as is the case for most single servers in a business) means that you will be better organized, be able to update information quicker, and have a more reliable methodology of obtaining and storing information concerning your ecommerce site.

Quicker response times mean more money

If we look to the Black Friday Sale that many businesses decided to jump on, this was an opportunity for many businesses to make extra sales. The outcome was that businesses actually struggled because those who tried to make further online sales, actually did not benefit because the infrastructure was not up to scratch. One casing point that has been well documented is that studies have documented that a person looking spends less than a minute on a site that is loading slow before going to another site. For a business man or woman this means that you have to have a site that responds quickly. Having an in-house computer may lead to lags in the response time, especially if you have a lot of crawler traffic. If your IT services have invested in cloud marketing and management, your site is managed through the cloud which means quicker response times and a far less probability for lags in loading and functionality.

Sam Howard, from Keytech Managed Solutions said cloud services are invaluable tools to business longevity as your business grows. There are several other critical things that will help your ROI, you will need:

  • A stable and dedicated hosting service
  • SSL certification
  • A website that is responsive on mobile devices and tablets
  • A website that when it is crawled by traffic, responds in a timely manner
  • A KeyCloud disaster recovery plan – backing up data if downtime occurs

You can clearly see how the cloud and IT services can help to make these requirements easier to obtain and maintain. Technology is being driven by the mobile and social media devices of today. Does it not make sense that our ecommerce sites and businesses should cater to the demands of the market? Investing in IT services is the only way in which your business can minimize losses from overlooked or under managed areas.

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