Better Collaboration in the workplace and at school

How to Create Better Collaboration in the Workplace and at School

Communication is central to success and productivity in the workplace and at school and there are numerous things that organisations can do to help foster this better communication. This will ensure that people stay connected, focused and work at their very best.

Nowadays our workplaces and schools demand more flexible collaboration and communication and we’re going to look at some ways to connect people and allow them to work together and apart while still retaining that important sense of teamwork.

The Cloud & Wireless Hotspots

Very important for connectivity, especially in this day and age when users connect via multiple devices and often even bring their own device.

Depending on your industry, not all workers will remain in the office at all times and so it’s important that those in the field are equipped with hot spot devices to allow them to connect multiple devices on one plan. This ensures connectivity almost anywhere and at all times.

Of course, the cloud is also very important to businesses nowadays and can truly help collaboration in schools and the workplace. From cloud based task apps, to cloud based printing services and other tools – the cloud makes syncing and management of work between a team a lot easier.

Enterprise Social Networks

Social media has taken the world by storm and most of us use some form each and every day. Private social networks such as Yammer allow those in a workplace the opportunity to communicate in real time according to .

There are a number of benefits of using such a technology for in-office communications. For example, Yammer allows companies to find out which employees contribute the most, helps expose expertise that may have been not seen previously thanks to its transparency and also showcases the go to people in an environment when people want answers.

Its other major benefit is that unlike IM and email, it allows companies to benefit from a data base of conversations. These sorts of networks allow conversations to be seen not only by the people who originally enacted them, but also by everyone else too. Everyone can be part of the original discussion.

Enterprise networks like Yammer allow employees to ask questions, create polls and even post events. Everyone currently working for a business has access to the network and its information and the knowledge in the system remains even after workers leave and other methods of communication have been deactivated.

It’s a very engaging, connected and dynamic form of communication that is becoming increasingly popular.

Office 365

One of the other great things about these sorts of social media networks is that they work in conjunction with the likes of Office 365. This creates a new form of ‘social productivity’ that allows workers to innovate, collaborate and engage with others and get more from their IT services.

These seamless experiences bring work and communication together into one easy to use place and it’s all hosted in the cloud which makes for constant updates, fewer security issues and other benefits besides.

The results of this are greater communication, cohesion and a more productive and collaborative business.


Of course, the most important thing in any school or workplace is attitude. Fostering the right sort of attitude can make a serious difference to the way we work and how we innovate. Creating a workplace where people feel comfortable, happy and where they know what’s expected of them is central to success here. This post by American Express is a good one on how to create this cohesive attitude and foster a better environment for working and collaborating in.

A better and more cohesive workplace that uses the best technology and has the right attitude will go a long way to helping a business become successful.

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