How I Present Myself as a Success

Becoming successful in your industry is not easy, and not something that most people can pull off overnight. Most of us face a long, hard slog to get there. There is also a certain catch-22 about the upper echelons of success: to get there, you have to know the right people and be in the right places. You can’t get to those people or places if you aren’t successful in the first place, however. Here’s how I present myself as a success – a technique which helped me to get there quicker.

Focus On Style

Successful people dress well. That’s a fact. You should always ensure that your appearance is clean and tidy, as this shows attention to detail and a care for your belongings. Dressing in an entire designer wardrobe may not be possible immediately, but you can start with staple pieces. Pick up skirt suits, smart shirts, and accessories – I would buy them in sales or at outlet stores to make it more manageable for my budget. Dress like you already run in the circles of successful businessmen and women.

Live Like A Success

Get used to the lifestyle of success before you are there, and you will find the transition much smoother. Work hard and keep long hours, but also learn to relax and have fun in your time off. Network and attend events with important people in your industry so that you can see and be seen. Manage your time as if it was as valuable as it one day will be. Learn to play golf, or sail, or whatever it is the most successful people in your industry do – this will open up even more networking opportunities for you later on. I might not be a golf fan, but I can play it with the best executives in my business.

Perfect Your Appearance

Successful people don’t have crooked teeth, or bad skin, or chipped manicures. They spend time and money on looking good, and you should too. If you don’t look like one of them, it will be that much harder to fit in while you are trying to get there. Get invisible braces or have surgery on your teeth, invest in a much better skincare routine, and book a cosmetic procedure if you need one. You won’t be alone – many people choose to have a nose job to further their career, for example. I bleach my hair every five weeks and have a chic cut to match.

Know The Lingo

Finally, it’s important to learn how to speak like a successful person. You should be well-mannered and well-spoken at all times, so if you have a heavy accent or are prone to using slang, now is the time to start breaking the habit. You can work with an elocution coach if this would be a serious problem. Know the terms and phrases that aren’t yet a part of your life – taking the earlier example of golf, you should the difference between a birdie and an eagle if important deals are done on the golf course. If you give yourself away when you open your mouth, it will be a long road to the top.

While it might not make you an overnight success, presenting yourself as if you are will certainly smooth the road. Why wait until you are successful to transform yourself? Be the person you aspire to be now – and the rest will follow.

StarterPad Staff

One of the lovely StarterPad staff members has toiled away into the wee hours of the night to write this amazing piece of literature :)