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How To Help Fund Your Startup

When it comes to funding your startup there are many choices that you can make to help get you the capital you need. One choice might be taking out a business loan out to help cover your costs of growing. You might also consider taking an investment to get your startup funds. Both of these options will get you to your end result but you might be left in debt or have less ownership of your company. There is one option that allows you to raise the capital you need without getting yourself into debt or giving up ownership of your startup. That option is HeadFunder!

HeadFunder is a social crowdfunding platform determined to impact the world in a positive way by giving back to the people. While on HeadFunder, you can create campaigns to help raise funds for your startup without giving up any equity of your company. Using HeadFunder is a great alternative for you to raise funds for your startup without investing too much money or time into it if it is still in the idea or growth phases.

Funding for Startups

HeadFunder also gives you the ability to test the market to see how the public responds to your business’s product or service. Rather than investing a large amount of money and time manufacturing the product your business is selling, instead you can create a prototype to display the functionality of it to your potential customers. You would set up your rewards as the products that your startup is selling. This is the incentive for people to support your startup and help fund your goal. If they start to purchase rewards (pre orders) from your HeadFunder campaign, you then know that people are interested in your product and it is worth investing more time and money into your startup.

HeadFunder is a great choice for you to launch your crowdfunding campaign because it is free to use. There is no fee to use HeadFunder. The only fee you have to pay is the third party processing fee for each purchase made from your campaign. This means that you get to keep more of the money you raised unlike other platforms that charge you a service fee to use their platform.

If you are looking for a free solution to raise capital that won’t leave you in debt or with less ownership of your startup, the best choice for you is HeadFunder.

Kane Miller

Kane has been involved in startups since he was a teenager. Him and his sister started a company called "Curb Prints" going door-to-door selling address signs painted on the curb in front of people's houses. Fast forward 20 years, he has a computer engineering background, but is now self employed, working on fun and unique web projects, doing angel investing, and helping startups find success.