How To Grow Your Instagram Audience

Create A New Hashtag And Convince Others To Use It

This is a solid method for adding new content and growing your fanbase. The first thing you need to do is create a hashtag that has never been used before, then you have to convince others to use it. This is most useful if you are creating a hashtag to serve a particular purpose.

One example of this is #ABMLifeIsColorful, which is used by A Beautiful Mess to showcase their cheery, colorful pictures. Once your hashtag is being used regularly, it will be possible to repost pictures from the people who are following you (make sure that you give them credit). This will help add new content to your account and it will help build a solid relationship with your followers since it will show that they are appreciated.

Start A Contest

If you are trying to offer something appealing to followers, you should try conducting a contest. Do you need some ideas? Have them repost a certain picture and make sure that you are tagged in the caption. You can also ask them to place your hashtag on the images that they post. It can also be useful to team up with others on Instagram and create a loop giveaway.

Ask Fans On Other Sites To Follow You On Instagram

If you have a Facebook, Twitter or some other social media account, it is easy to assume that your fans are following you across all platforms. This is not always the case. You should send out a message letting everyone know that they should follow you on Instagram. This is far more effective than you could ever imagine. Here are some good tips.

Encourage People To Take Action

This may sound too simple to actually be true, but some people will do things just because you asked. Are you sharing a quote? Ask people to like it if they agree with what it says. Do you have a funny story to tell? Let people know that they should share it with friends. Letting people know what you would like them to do often encourages them to act accordingly.

Add Geotags To Your Pictures

Are you posting pictures of a great place you have just visited? Add a geotag. This means that others who use the same geotag can view your photo. They may decide to follow you if they notice that there are many things you have in common. In case you are unsure what a geotag is, this is when you add a location to the photos you take.

Use Tools

There are loads of great tools out there that can really help people looking to get more followers, views and likes. The likes of Instamacro make it easy to get more followers for your Instagram account. It’s well worth utilising if you want fast results quickly.

Find Out What Excites Your Target Audience

Make sure to do your homework. Look back at all of your pictures to see which ones were very popular and which were not. This will help you identify what type of things your audience is interested in. Make it a point to add more of what they like to your feed.

Collaborate With Popular People

You should try doing something a little different. Ask an Instagram celeb if you can use their account one day as a guest contributor. You should also consider challenging popular users with daily prompts. Sit down and come up with creative, unique ways that you can work with others to grow your audience.

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