How To Get Your Instagram Marketing Tactics Deployed For Your Start-up

Start-ups looking to leverage their marketing for quick results could do a lot worse than consider utilising social media. Instagram is the hot property at the moment and here are some tips to make the very most of it.

1. Carefully Select Your Visuals

It is actually simple. On other social media platforms you have a certain ‘persona’ since you are marketing on them constantly. You also know who your customers are. Therefore, you need to determine what types of words, hashtags, images and photos that your audience will find appealing.

One great way to get your engagement increased is checking this technique out for gaining more Instagram followers and Instagram views. It can really provide your business with a big boost. It doesn’t need to be direct competitors of yours. This strategy can still be used to create the posts you have decided on.

2. Post One To Two Times Per Day

If you’d like to grow your customer base, you can try out these methods from iDigic for enhancing your engagement. This will also ensure you have a lot less customer turnover. You will be able to post more frequently when you have some attractive and interesting pictures or videos to use. Many large brands that are very active on Instagram post many times per day.

To avoid overwhelming their audiences, each post will be published with gaps of a couple of hours. This also helps to avoid your posts appearing to be too spammy. After you have established your posting schedule, do you best to maintain it to create a sense of expectancy.

3. Use Appealing Hashtags

Since you have a limited amount of space for adding text to your photos and images, the best way of engaging with your audience is to use catch hashtags. You can use different tools such as to get some interesting ideas.

After you have increased your following, you can then create branded and special hashtags in order to keep your submissions organized that you receive from followers and expand your reach at the same time.

4. Get The Most From Your Profile Link

With Instagram you only get one link, so be sure to choose it carefully. A safe approach for obtaining more traffic for your website is linking it to your homepage or blog. However, when you have a special campaign or are planning on promoting a new social media account or have a special event coming up, that link can be used to send traffic to a special landing page for that specific event or purpose.

5. Use the Geotagging Feature

These days, this feature is being used by many Instagram users for checking out places that are geographically convenient for things that they want. For instance, if someone is looking for a McDonalds at a specific location, and if the geotagging tool is used by McDonalds, then in the search results the Instagram posts for that area’s McDonalds will show up. Geotagging your photos is among the best methods you can use for your search results to get extra exposure.

6. How To Respond To Comments And Mentions

No matter what social medial platform you might be using, connecting with fans and followers will help to increase engagement. It can even help to make that specific Instagram page more lively and attractive.

Remember that whenever you are responding to a comment to answer that first question you receive at all times in order to get complaints and issued resolved in a friendly manner.

It is more to answer thoughtful comments as well even when you don’t have a lot to add. It still shows you care about your followers.

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