Feel More Relaxed At Work With These Five Tips

If you’re more relaxed, you’re more comfortable and in turn tend to work a lot better. So, here are some great tips for chilling out at work and giving your best.

Utilize Reminders

Take The Zazen app for instance. It is an app found on the app store that features a ‘mindfulness bell’ that rings in accordance with your preference. That means you can set up regular intervals of reminders for instance, after every hour or randomly. Such apps are made to act as activity reminders, and so, you can use them to remind you to take a short break. So, every time the bell rings, stop and take a deep breath. Regular long deep breaths help you relax and keeps you more focused on work. If you do not want to buy or download an app, you can always use the timer on your phone to help you with the reminder.

Technology Can Be A Drag, So Limit Overexposure

Yes, we all want to know the latest status updates from our friends and favorite pages on Facebook and we all want to keep up with our emails. However, when stuck on social media during break times, it does not really help with relaxation. Remember you need to feel rejuvenated after a break to be able to work efficiently. So, instead of tweeting, take a small walk outside and feel the fresh air. That’s likely to leave you feeling much better.

Chill Out

It might just be a case of going outside to do some work, or going for a walk during lunch, but getting away from your desk can make a notable difference. Many offices have nice relaxing spaces nowadays where their employees can relax at. These often have trickling indoor water features and are nice quiet comfy where people can relax – this infographic showcases a perfectly relaxed sort of space like this.

Consider Changing Your Morning Routine

What you wake up to can have a huge impact on your productivity during the day. So, if listening to news during your morning commute leaves you stressed out, then change things a bit. Instead, listen to fun music or read your favorite book if you take the bus. Being positive in the morning gets you ready to tackle your tasks at work.

Be Realistic About Your Goals

You might have a lot of ideas, and you might be ambitious about various things in your career. However, these ideas might end up overwhelming you and thinking it’s possible to achieve more than what can typically be done in a day. It even gets worse when you realize those projections can’t be done within the time-frame you predicted as you begin to tense and become stressed out. So, it is better to be realistic about what you can do on a particular day and work towards accomplishing that. This will leave you less overwhelmed at the end of the day.

Handle Difficult Co-workers

Silently resenting and ruminating every contact you make with a hard co-worker only leaves you stressed and frustrated during work. Instead, you should try and improve your relationship by having a more respectful conversion and try to work out any differences. So, handle conflicts head-on instead of stressing over them.

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