eDealer – The Shopify for Used Car Dealers

The life of an E-Commerce store owner is far from easy. Managing a company, whilst taking control of every business function can prove to be a very difficult task, and improving business efficiency can help owners spend time on the thing that actually matter and contribute to the bottom line of their business. Running their store on a clunky E-Commerce is both a waste of valuable time and expends more effort than needed. The saviour? Shopify, a platform to make the lives of E-Commerce store owners simpler, and more efficient.

The platform allows business owners to create their online presence. As well as doing what you love by selling your own products, Shopify allows you to organise your products, customise your storefront, build a customer base and manage orders – just by a few clicks of your mouse!

There are so many benefits for store owners to join in with the Shopify phenomenon. From being affordable and easy to use to having endless design possibilities Shopify has become a go to for many people wanting to make their business dreams come true. As well as all this, Shopify makes it easy for you to edit the most important elements of your website! Shopify even uses the same security as banks so you can be sure that yours and your customers’ personal details will be securely protected.

Translating that success over to another industry is the aim of eDealer, a leading dealership management solution, aiming to become the ‘Shopifyof the used car industry. eDealers aim is to ensure that used car dealers can achieve the highest sales they can possibly get, by driving in more customers to their forecourts. As well as ensuring your stock has the best management, eDealers aim is to offer more value, for a better price.

With an innovative stock management system, stunning front-end website templates and integration into the biggest automotive listing websites such as Autotrader and Motors.co.uk the solution provides used car dealers with a complete solution, and all from just £24.99 per month!

The value of dealers used car market increased in 2014 to £4.5 billion to £32.8 billion, and it is expected to rise again in 2015. For used car dealers, managing the rise in used car dealers requires a further urgency to find a better platform to manage their stock, website and sales. No other platform is better equipped than eDealer.

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