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Email marketing is nearly 40x more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook and Twitter combined, as noted by Mckinsey in a report last year. There were a lot of people who disagreed assuming that email marketing is old school marketing tool where interaction and conversion is declining over time and will die after few years. But McKinsey tried to give a clear picture on how email marketing is becoming an effective tool as compared to latest invasion of social media platforms and its related apps.

As a whole, these new breed of apps have reduced the number of emails reaching the mailbox and helped in cleaning inbox a lot. Also the new tab feature has helped in further cleaning. Finally, with all these, if you look closely you will find that, now the email client is more clean to help user concentrate on emails which matters the most to them. And, hence opens up great opportunity for email marketers and marketing agencies.

For startup and small business, email service providers like Aweber, Mailchimp, and Constant Contact, has been in use for a long time. There is no denial that you will find it comfortable to get hold of using their core features, like, list management, email editor, and so on from the start.

But, what happens when your business starts growing? When you get a lot of subscribers to send email updates? The cost of connectivity increases aggressively and somewhere you also also feel, your expense on email marketing is shooting up rapidly. To meet both ends and reduce the cost of connectivity you might decide to reduce the number of emails sent to the large subscriber base, but, in the long run, this will affect your business in one way or the other. In order to solve this and get a better solution to sending mass email to these subscribers, you now start looking for solutions. While your search continues, you come across, phpList, Sendy, Interspire, Mandrill, SendGrid, transactional emails, SMTP, and so on. Isn’t that too many terms to pour into brain?

Sendy logoThe process of comparison begins and looking into the feasibility, you determine to use Amazon SES as email gateway, not only because Amazon as a brand is reliable, but also because its cost is lowest in the market, i.e. $1 for 10,000 emails. And, on top of that you also get 60,000 free emails each month if you are EC2 user for a year. No doubt, all these looks quite attractive. While you search for Amazon SES’s compatible application, you then come across Sendy.

Sendy is a php application which is in market for a long time and has worked extensively on integrating Amazon Simple Email Service ( SES ) and Amazon Simple Notification Service ( SNS ) closely. When you integrate Sendy with Amazon SES and SNS, you get access to most of the core features of a fully functional email service provider. With this close integration, you get report on email opens, bounce, spam and delivery. Sendy does it all automatically and cleans the email subscriber list according to unsubscribed, bounced, and spam marked emails. Moreover with marketing campaign manager and email template editor, Sendy also uses multi thread technology to process the emails from your server to Amazon SES server quickly.

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But, when you start installing Sendy on your server, you will need to have thorough knowledge of php, php extensions, mysql, .htaccess and more. Along with this, you also need to have knowledge about SMTP integration with Sendy. Combining all these, you must be able to install Sendy on your server first and then integrate Amazon SES, SNS services to handle emails and bounce, complaint notifications properly. Once all these has been done, you can then start sending email campaigns.

But hold on! Here you also need Amazon SES production access, so that you can send emails to your subscribers.

EasySendy logoNow all these problems can be solved at a single place – EasySendy Managed Sendy Hosting. EasySendy provides Sendy installation, hosting, integration and support required at one place in a single click.

With specialized Sendy server, EasySendy has following features, which you can access, after placing order:

  • Pre-Installed Sendy email platform
  • Plug and Play with existing Sendy License
  • Pre-configured Cron jobs for scheduling
  • Pre-configured Cron jobs for autoresponders
  • Amazon Route 53 DNS Setup
  • Email sending Domain verification & integration
  • DKIM and SPF Records Verification Setup
  • Bounce and Complaint setup with Amazon SES & SNS
  • Configure SMTP of your choice; Mandrill, SendGrid, etc.
  • Backup of files and database
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Trusted and Secured

Looking at the facilities provided by EasySendy, you can easily start email marketing campaigns at lowest price of $1 for 10,000 sent emails. EasySendy Plans start at $19 per month for 300,000 subscribers, which has lower sending speed; and Professional Plan available at $29 per month for 6,00,000 subscribers. Once you have purchased professional plan, you can send emails in huge volumes from Amazon SES. You can also go for Enterprise plan which starts at $49 per month depending on your requirements.

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While EasySendy is an ideal one stop solution for Marketers at small and medium growing businesses, it also targets Marketing Agencies, who can use this solution for email marketing for their clients. Yes, Sendy has this feature, where you can add multiple brands with their user credentials and start providing this service for their client.

EasySendy at present is the most viable and affordable solution in the market. It is seamless, cost-effective and time-saving software which is almost a boon for marketers, SMBs and marketing agencies.

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