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Growing a startup using methods that are effective and efficient while still being affordable is important. Getting your startup listed on startup directories can lead to an increase in traffic, page rank, and users. Startuplister is a service that will manually submit your startup to over 40 of the top directories for you, so you don’t have to.

While submitting your site to these directories and websites are beneficial to your startup, the process of submitting to all of these websites is long, drawn out and includes extensive, tedious, and mundane data entry.

Startuplister Directories

Benefits of Being Listed On Directories and Startup Sites

There are numerous benefits of listing your startup on these kinds of websites, let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits:

  • Increased traffic: Getting your website listed means more overall traffic to your website, from relevant and highly engaged customers looking for startups.
  • Improved page rank: Page rank is what search engines use to determine importance and relevance of websites for users that are searching for specific topics. In short, it is what determines where your website appears in people’s search results in search engines. Hence, being listed on startup directories and websites means more back-links and discussion of your startup meaning better page rank for your startup’s website.
  • Relevant Feedback: Being listed on startup websites means you are able to receive quality feedback from people with the relevant experience and interests of your startup from these communities.
  • Eager Early-Adopters and Users: The active communities behind the websites are experienced early-adopters and users that want to discover and utilize new and innovative startups that are relevant to their interests.
  • Potential Review Posts and Coverage: Several directories that Startuplister submits startup to writes blog posts and reviews of the startups. Startuplister also has it’s own blog, which covers topics of startup marketing, including startup review posts.

How It Works

The process of using Startuplister is much easier and more convenient than submitting to over 40 directories yourself, which can take over 15 hours. For a one-time fee of $49, Startuplister will manually take care of the extensive labor of submitting your startup to high-quality review sites, directories, and startup websites for you.

Instead of submitting your startup to numerous online forms on these sites, you only need to fill out one form, the one on the Startuplister website. We’ve streamlined the process to a manual submission to ensure the most high quality submissions. Upon completion of the submission process, you’ll get a detailed report which includes a screenshot of each one of the submissions.

We are so confident in the results that we’ve drove for over five hundred startups, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are at all not happy with the results, we’ll send you one-hundred percent of your money back to you.

Tips for being listed

Once you have completed submitting your startup with Startuplister, it’s very important that you stay active in marketing your startup. Here are some tips for being listed and taking advantage of a Startuplister campaign:

  • Keep an active Twitter account: It’s important to have and keep your startup’s Twitter account active for the social media benefits that Startuplister can drive in. Startuplister has had many cases in the past of a large amount of social media mentions and traffic for the startups we promote.
  • Personally submit to niche directories. ┬áStartuplister intentionally does not submit to niche directories like Reddit or Hacker News because of the need for a personal touch from a submission from the startup founder themselves. We do recommend submitting to those directories as they do offer some great benefits.
  • Use other marketing activities. It is important for startups to utilize a Startuplister campaign in conjunction to other marketing plans and tasks, by focusing on other channels of marketing and growth of their startup. Focusing solely on only one marketing channel does not encourage maximum growth of a startup.

Get started with Startuplister

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Aaron Hanson

Aaron Hanson is a developer, entrepreneur, and internet marketing nerd. He is the Founder & CEO of Startuplister, a Portland, Oregon, USA based marketing company focused on helping startups grow successful products and acquire more customers. He has worked with companies such as Segment, Marvel, Docsend, & Yesware. He's passionate about building tools to help startup founders save time and grow their business.