Trending Content Case Study

DoSocial’s Trending Content case study (spoiler alert: it works!)

DoSocial (a new social media marketing service) has just launched a new tool called Trending Content, and we were lucky enough to get early access.  Of course we took this opportunity to log a ton of data to use for a case study.  We didn’t just want to play around with Trending Content, we wanted to know for sure whether it was effective or not.

Here’s how it works

Set it up

Trending Content - setup

Choose your Categories and Tags

These are the topics that you’re interested in and want to share with your followers.  I chose ones related to “startups”.

Select your Channels

These represent your social media accounts, like your Facebook Page or Twitter account.  DoSocial also publishes to LinkedIn and Tumblr, but for now we were just interested in Facebook and Twitter.

Trending Content - schedule

Manual approval?

You can either have DoSocial email you with recommended Trending Content, and then have to select which items to publish, or you can give them permission to publish the content on your behalf.  I chose the automatic option.

Choose your schedule

Select your timezone, then choose up to six different times each day of the week that you want the Trending Content to be published.  I love the flexibility here.  Just as an example, I randomly selected two times on Monday, one on Tuesday, one on Thursday and one on Friday.

Now the DoSocial Trending Content engine goes to work

  1. DoSocial has “content experts” on staff that find awesome content for a variety of topics, and enter it into the system.
  2. Based on the Schedule that you setup, and the Categories / Tags you chose, this specific trending content is published to your social media channels.
  3. Since the content is so hot, your fans and followers are supposed to be extra engaged, and re-share it to their followers.
  4. This should boost your loyalty and brand awareness.

Our results


Startup Growth - Twitter Analytics

We started this experiment on May 17 and stopped at the end of May.  The graph above shows Tweet impressions over that period, as well as the following month where we had stopped using Trending Content and did our regular random Tweeting.

Here’s a few of our top-performing Tweets from Trending Content:

Startup Growth - Twitter Analytics - Top Tweets

And here’s an export of our Twitter impression / engagement data:

Startup Growth - Twitter Analytics - Spreadsheet


Facebook Insights

We used a different Facebook Page for this experiment, and started it in the beginning of May, then stopped at the end of the month.  This is a Page that has content automatically posting to it from an RSS feed, so the graph you see in June is pretty normal numbers.  As you can see, we received a lot more “shares” from the Trending Content posts than from our typical posts.


It’s clear that there’s an increased engagement from both our Twitter and Facebook audiences for the Trending Content posts.   This tool seems to be quite effective in catching your followers attention.  It should also help with growing your follower base (using Twitter as an example, if your Tweets are considered “popular”, they will appear higher in search results, hopefully causing new people to follow your account).

I don’t recommend only using Trending Content though, as it’s still a good idea, as a startup, to post updates about your company, new products or services, sales, promotions, etc.  Or else, what’s the point of using social media? 😉

You can read more about DoSocial’s Trending Content tool here:

Christopher Villanueva

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