Digital Identity Group Reviews Cases For Their Removal Process

For business owners listed on Ripoff Report, they know how damaging it can be and how helpless it can make you feel. You have probably gone through the Report and then decided to invest in the system. It is almost impossible to move out of Ripoff Report after entering it. However, the following article will offer you a sure way of getting out of this issue. In the process, you will have your listing eliminated from Google search results.

The procedure will not remove Ripoff Report itself. However, it will keep the standard web searcher from accessing it. It is necessarily an important aspect. This article discusses how to get around the menace. As stated by Robert from the Digital Identity Group, a leading online reputation protection firm, “burying a Ripoff Report is like playing with fire, and many people will still see it appear on the top pages and get burned. The best solution is to completely remove it from the search results”.

For those who have not come across Ripoff Report, it is a clients’ website where users post a “Ripoff Report” about any business or individual. The only guarantees of truth needed by the website are a correct email address and the publisher’s verification.

After posting on the Ripoff Report, the post can remain there for many years. Also, pages on Ripoff Report possesses an unwanted capability to index very high with famous search engines such as Google. Even after settling out differences, Ripoff Report does not allow users to eradicate the original complaint.

Most users may wonder how this can be legitimate for them to do that. Well, Ripoff Report indicates that it is protected from liability because of a federal law named Communications Decency Act. The policy states that websites are not accountable for the content published on their sites by third-party agents. The law makes sense to some extent.

Unluckily, the policy also protects websites such as Ripoff Report that declines to pull down content even after being provided with notice that a particular material published on their site is untrue. They do not pull down the post even after the original author appeals its removal or after provision of a judgment by the court of law.

The process can be annoying especially when both parties appeal for the removal of the damaging content. Ripoff Report argues that if they enabled parties to pull down postings, it would create a platform for multinational companies to bully clients into their submission.

Several charges against Ripoff Report have had little or no success because of the protections offered by Communications Decency Act to the Ripoff Report. Ripoff provides extensive information on why users should not consider prosecuting them.

Ripoff Report believes that they are entirely protected against any liability thus thoroughly fights all charges brought against them. It can thus be time-consuming and expensive if you try to prosecute them. They will at most scenarios end up winning the case. Therefore, it is important to try other ways to have your post pulled down other than seeking advice from the courts.

There is a lesser-famous option that works wonders. It is the primary reason why Ripoff Report does not mention it on their website. It is almost impossible to have the listing eliminated from Ripoff Report by it can be pulled down from Google. It is equally essential having the post removed from Google as it is having it deleted from Ripoff Report.

Using unique and exclusive legal procedure, Digital Identity Group reviews cases for their removal process. The firm only names the author of the content and will not prosecute Ripoff Report or Google. It will be an expensive process suing Ripoff Report and Google as they have plenty of experienced and skilled lawyers. You may also anger Google Inc. by prosecuting it and may not offer your assistance when you need it most in the process.

Digital Identity Group views the most appropriate ways to get a court order affirming the damaging report to be untrue and defamatory. The relevant content of this order can take several forms, but they always guarantee to get an order referring to the slanderous report precisely.

Once Digital Identity Group reviews the outcome of the case, they will then provide the court order to Google’s legal team. They have an excellent working rapport with Google for quite some time now. Google always honors the court orders and will thereby entirely pull down the offensive web page from its search engine instantly.

The offensive report will still be accessible on Ripoff Report website, but the reference to the content of Google’s search engine will be gone entirely. In the process, a user will have a clean and fresh start reputation for all users to access.

Google will not charge a penny to do these tasks. The only charges that one may incur is the legal costs. It includes the few hundred dollars that one is charged for filling and service processing fees. Also, the charges billed by Digital Identity Group. The cost is significantly low in comparison with the amount that a business or individual may lose if the Ripoff Report continues to be accessible on Google search index.

Fighting this menace during the early stages is essential. Fighting it early ensures that you will have easy time publishing other contents on your website. Waiting to solve it later creates problems that were not present before. From the above, users can see how to remove materials if they experience defamatory information in the future. The Digital Identity Group reviews new cases every week and can help you overcome the damage caused by Ripoff Report.

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