Crowdfunding with Inventure X

Inventure X is a crowdfunding company based in Santa Monica which is the perfect agency if you are looking turn your idea or startup into the next crowdfunding success story. Crowdfunding is not an easy feat, not only does it require financial capacity, but time as well as a solid marketing gameplan. InventureX helps entrepreneurs by assuming the legwork necessary for raising as much funding as possible.

Getting Inventure X to approve your idea and crowdfund may depend on how upcoming your project idea is; if you already have a well-thought-out plan, then the process won’t take long. You can employ to launch crowdfunding on Indiegogo or Kickstarter; this is much easier with an already groomed project idea.

Inventure X usually partners with the kinds of projects they have gauged and believed they could mould into a success. However, it’s imperative not to worry; there are multiple project ideas you wouldn’t think could turn into six-figure success but do. What InvetureX does is, they review ideas using previous project data and trends in crowdfunding to get a clear picture of what you can get and the kind of idea needed to get you on your way.

When you partner with InventureX, you’re looking at a severe advantage regarding crowdfunding. From the very start, their team establishes essential plans to transform your idea into a winning project. InventureX will assist you in setting up a page which turns visitors into supporters and structuring the pricing to amplify funding.

After a proper page setup, you can enjoy some pre-launch marketing. When InventureX is done starting you up with an excellent project page and starts your marketing foundation, you are now fit for complete crowdfunding launch. This is when you’re set for going live on Indiegogo and Kickstarter and present your idea to the world. This where you now make the right audience aware of your existence.

With a targeted audience, InventureX launches a massive crowdfunding promotion for you including social media marketing like Facebook ads and pitching your idea to the media. Once you are funded, then you will trace the efforts of InventureX and share a percentage of sales leads they brought you.

Partnering with InventureX is beneficial even though their review process is seemingly scary at first. If you are looking to launch a project via Indiegogo or Kickstarter, then be sure to let InventureX review your idea and help you all the way.

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