Creating Explainer Videos for Your Business? Do It the Right Way!

Explainer videos, as its name implies, explain what your service or product does. More and more businesses have their own explainer videos for various purposes. Most of them use these videos to explain their business and promote products and services.

Have you tried creating your own explainer video? Have you done it right or did it just end up with failed results? Well, whether you want to make your own explainer video or you hire a professional explainer video company to do it, there are things to remember. One of these is that explainer videos won’t help you boost your conversion rate. It is not because the idea sucks, but because you’re likely to take the wrong approach to create the video.

Below are the steps on how to make explainer videos that will convert:

1. It Isn’t about the Video, It’s about Your Script

The most crucial part of explainer videos is the script and not the quality of the actual video. Whether you have a high quality video or a mediocre type, if the script is not good, it will not convert well. If you hire a professional, you do not want your hired company to create the video to write your script. They don’t know your business like you do. They do not know what pain points your clients are experiencing. They do not know how to write to improve conversions.

The goal of explainer videos is to answer all the concerns and questions of your potential customers. If you can do this in a short explainer video, you will see an increase on your conversions. If you cannot, you will not see your sales boost.

2. Know What You Should Include with Your Script

Before writing your script, you have to survey the readers. This will help you know what you should include in your script, helping you create a better one.

3. Ways to Write Your Script

Now that you have the objections of your potential customers, you may start writing the script. Once you’re writing it, you have to answer all objections or at least the essential ones. You do not like to make scripts that are longer than two to three minutes. If this becomes very long, you will start losing people.

When writing a script, you should have an explanation of your company. It must be sweet and short. Then, explain the problem. You need to be careful when articulating the issue of your possible customers is experiencing. Utilize common phrasing that your clients provide you during a survey and talk about particular concerns they’re experiencing.

Explainer videos are visual and that is for good reason. Show off the service or product. Whenever you are showing it off, see to it that you explain the specific features of your product or service and how it can solve issues.

Your script must also include a call to action. This will help you tell your consumers to buy or sign up to your newsletters. After explaining what your service or product does, expect that most of your viewers will purchase what you’re offering.

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