A Couple Of Tips For Being Productive At Work

Everyone likes to be productive in the workplace, but this is not usually the case as there are many distractions, it’s just that we don’t put a finger on them. You might be disciplined enough to avoid looking at emails and social media pages every five minutes, but you still find yourself lagging on tasks every day. So what do you do to become more productive at work? You might want to follow the tips mentioned below:

Hang An Inspiring Picture on Your Line Of Vision

Regardless of what you do, the eyes need regular breaks. A painting, a beautiful image or an inspiring print that resonates with what you do can take away eye strains and make you daydream a bit, which is actually ideal for productivity. Such a break is far much better than obsessively checking Facebook and Twitter when trying to take a mental break. However, avoid hanging pictures of your friends and family members as the regular stresses with them can be triggered when you focus on the image. For instance, if you are working to provide for your family, the picture can be a place you would love to take them on a vacation, or of the dream house, you have always wanted to live with them.


An indoor water fountain can be a very cool addition to your workplace too and really help when it comes to creating calm in the space. Waterfalls and the trickle they create are renowned for helping people to destress. SoothingWalls.com has a wide array of these and they work really well for the office.

De-clutter Your Work Desk

There are people who actually love working on a messy desk. However, if you are always pushing things all over to find a pen, position your keyboard or mouse, then there’s not enough room on the desk. So, take a few minutes to declutter the place. The space in front and six inches to each side of the computer should be clear and clean so that you can move comfortably. Being unable to work comfortably due to a cluttered desk can quickly add to your mental stress. The same goes for the chair. It should be able to move in and out freely so that you are comfortable on your workstation.

Put A Bottle of Water On The Desk

Dehydration can also be stressful for the body. It stresses the kidneys and liver, which makes you feel sluggish and fatigued. You might have taken coffee in the morning, a glass of juice at lunch, but by the time it hits 4.pm, you are fatigued, and it’s all because you haven’t taken enough water. Ideally, taking a couple of big glasses of water will only have you rushing to the bathroom every hour. So, it is recommended that you have a bottle of water on the desk, and sip on it all day. This way you won’t have to make multiple trips to the washrooms.

Get A Sound Blocker

Perhaps you are usually disturbed by the noise of neighboring workers or even the noise outside the workplace. Well, the clattering of keyboards and loud phone chatter should not bother you as much when you install something like a fan, which adequately creates a layer of white noise and a gentle breeze. The sound of the fan rotating can provide a relaxing and meditative mood that helps you screen out other disruptive sounds.

Bring In A Plant

Numerous plants can survive in a workplace. Green plants have been proven to lower stress and blood pressure levels. They also clean the air and give you something to tend, such as watering when you really need a break.

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