Choose the Best Resume Format

Choose the Best Resume Format

Having the right professional resume format can increase your chances in getting the job and impressing the client. There are a number of outdated resume formats that are simply not worth your time, and employers don’t even find the time to go through them. This is why it’s important to find the most suitable format and nail your dream job with a perfect resume. Of course, there are certain rules that need to be followed when it comes to writing resumes, and we will mention some of the basic tips that will help you along the way. It really all depends on what the employer wants and whether you have what it takes for the job. For example, if your opening statement is too long and in an outdated format, you are going downhill and other applicants with a more aggressive writing style and a better resume format will get the job. This is why it is important to select the right words, use bullet points and make the client interested in what you have to say.

How to Format a Resume

It all depends on the type of job you are applying for and what the employer wants. It is also good to read and search online for tips on resume format writing. This will help you with the selection of the format that you are planning to use. Remember, it is not experience and past achievements that come first. Those times are gone and today there is a lot more that you should focus on in order to impress the client. Introduce yourself to the employer and in a few short sentences get him interested in your resume. There are hundreds of applications for a single job and employers don’t have the time to go through all of them. Only resumes with the right attitude and the right format stand a chance. This is when you get your chance to shine and show that you are the right person for the gig.

Basic Professional Resume Formats

There are basically three main professional resume formats. The Chronological format that is the most common type and it can be used in almost any industry. It gives a clear view to the reader about the applicant and this format is what many people use when applying for jobs. We also have the Functional format where applicants concentrate more on the skills they have, rather than their work experience. It is recommended for younger people who are looking for that first chance in the business world. The third type is called the Hybrid resume. It is basically a mixture of first two, and people who have both skill and experience tend to use this professional resume format more often. It’s vital to choose the right format in order to present your accomplishments and increase your chance of getting hired.

Basic Resume Styles

Besides having a modern resume format, it is also good to learn about styles in which you can write your resume. There are a number of resume writing styles and it all really depends on what you want to get with each style. If you have a lot of qualifications and a successful career, it is best to write with a professional style. It usually has three to five pages and focuses on activities and past employment. On the other hand, the Academic style has a more biographical style and is around 10 pages long. If you decide to write in this style, the focus is on your biography and what have you done in the past regarding jobs. For applicants who love lists and bullet points, our recommendation is a portfolio. Here, it’s all about samples of your previous work and is perfect for people who are applying in marketing, science and art niches. After this, we have the keyword style where the applicant uses the most common keywords that can be found in resumes. This is an SEO friendly type of writing and has become very popular over the last couple of years. Finally, we have the linear style that is probably the hardest to write. Using short sentences without much detail, but yet presenting yourself to the client with all the necessary information like skills, previous jobs, accomplishments and plans for the future, is what the linear style is all about.

Choose the Best Resume Format

Skills, Experience and Work History

It is not just about the format. Even if you choose the best possible format for you resume application, you still will have to prove to the employer how you, instead all of the other applicants, have what it takes to get the job. Listing all of the skills that you have is the first step to a well-written professional resume. Applicants with less work experience should definitely pay more attention to this part since skills are their most powerful weapon in this resume. The next step is writing about your past achievements and experience. Add any work related experience that will help you with the application. Clients are more trusting towards clients who have years of experience. This is why you should name all previous experience that has some connection with the job you are applying for. Finally, we have the work history and letters of recommendation. Both are equally important and can be crucial when the client is choosing between applicants. Name all of the companies and people you have worked for. Track them down for a positive feedback. By doing this, the employer will see that you are a true professional and have worked with other people in the past with no problems. Everyone loves to read a good letter of recommendation and this is why the experience has many advantages.

Get the best professional resume format and make sure that your application is worth reading. There are many people who are competing for jobs in the business world today, and sometimes it seems impossible to stand out. This is why with the right guidance, a perfect resume format and a killer writing style, your dream job is waiting for you somewhere out there.

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