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Everypost – The Social Media Publishing Tool to Help Make Posting Easier

What is Everypost?

Social media publishing platform, Everypost makes it quick, easy and efficient for individuals and businesses to organize and moderate their various social communication channels. This Miami-based startup has an average user growth of 10% per week and has positioned itself as a leading contender in the social media publishing space.
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Challenges of Working Remotely & How TrackDuck Solves Them

A burning need of IT specialists is resulting in a considerable growth of outsourcing which leads to groups of people working all over the world – remotely. Remote communication and work within scattered teams of IT, among different departments or subsidiaries of the same company, with clients miles away etc., causes a whole variety of problems and inconveniences which traditional means of communication like email, Skype and PM tools are not enough to solve anymore.

As a result, this post will highlight three major pains of working remotely within web development and design teams and explain how TrackDuck, a visual feedback tool for web developers and designers not just removes communications challenges but erases them from memory entirely.

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