4 Basic Growth Hacks for Your Startup

Even though having an idea may seem as enough for getting your startup on the right path, keep in mind that in 2017 almost every industry is already saturated. This is why, in order to be off to a good start, your business might need a strong push. Here are four basic growth hacks that can help your startup gain a competitive edge from day one and in no time be able to stand up to its much larger niche counterparts.

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Early growth hacking strategies for startups

The sole objective of a growth hacker is to grow the number of users for a specific product. Over the last few years, we see more and more products growing from zero users to millions at galloping rates – growth hacking tactics have become a must for everyone who wants to grow.

The idea is, that for every decision a company makes, a growth hacker should ask: ”What will be the impact on growth?”

Here are some of the most effective growth hacking strategies to implement in the early stages of your startup:

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How I started a podcast and got 30 episodes recorded w/ just an email & LinkedIn

Let’s look at being a lean mean startup machine. You need users before you have a product or getting an idea of if people need your product. In an interview based podcast your product is your recordings between you (the interviewer) and your guest (the interviewee). How do you get guests onto a podcast that doesn’t even have a website (you have the domain, and an email with the domain but that’s it). There is just a (insert your webhost) construction page.

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Growth Hacking

6 Reasons Why a Growth Hacker is a MUST in Your Startup

In the lifetime of every startup, there comes a point when the venture is ready to scale and looking for potential directions of growth. Determining which ones are right and which are wrong isn’t easy – and that’s when a skilled growth hacker comes in and saves the day. A “Growth Hacker” is someone who can come up with scalable and sustainable growth strategies – he isn’t just a marketer, but a person whose sole purpose at the company is to focus and realize its expansion goals. Here are 6 good reasons why you should think about hiring a growth hacker right now, unless you want for your startup to face some serious problems.

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