Startupxplore wants to bring more transparency to the European startup funding ecosystem

It all started with a map of the Spanish startup ecosystem. My co-founder Nacho and I we wanted to bring more transparency to the Spanish ecosystem and we thought that highlighting all of the startups, investors, accelerators and co-working spaces in the country was a great idea and something useful for those involved in the market.

However, we quickly realized that we could do much more than that by focusing not only in Spain, but in the whole European startup market that has been growing at impressive rates over the past few years, producing billion dollar companies and driving innovation at a pace only surpassed by Silicon Valley and New York.

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How To Help Fund Your Startup

When it comes to funding your startup there are many choices that you can make to help get you the capital you need. One choice might be taking out a business loan out to help cover your costs of growing. You might also consider taking an investment to get your startup funds. Both of these options will get you to your end result but you might be left in debt or have less ownership of your company. There is one option that allows you to raise the capital you need without getting yourself into debt or giving up ownership of your startup. That option is HeadFunder!

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Mistakes of startup budgets

The most common mistakes of startup budgets

Many startups still make this cardinal mistake – they forget about the importance of their budgets. It might seem absurd, but it’s real. Every startup will at some point need a considerable financial backup from an investor and excellent experience in managing a budget will become a crucial factor. Financial know-how is one of the key characteristics of great entrepreneurs. Fortunately, it can be learned and acquired with experience. Before you delve into the world of startup development, have a look at these most common budget mistakes still being made by beginning startups.

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