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What is a Fixed Term Investment

A fixed term investment, also known as a fixed term deposit, is when you put your money into an account, long or short term, and you cannot touch the money for a determined amount of time.  Because your money is ‘locked away’, your interest rate is generally higher but it is also fixed.  It is not going to go up and it is not going to go down.  This means your fixed term investment is a safe investment.  Even if the interest rates dip, your investment will keep growing.

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10 Debt Management Tips To Improve Your Financial Situation

Having a healthy financial portfolio means that you have no debts to repay and even if you have some, they are well managed. Debt management is a humongous task as even a small slip can run you in big financial troubles. Therefore, you have to be careful at all stages and also ensure that things are under control while you try to get rid of your loans. While being your own debt manager is a good idea, you should not ignore the need for professional health considering the importance of keeping your financial portfolio under tight control. There are some tried and tested measures that you can take to ensure that you never get too uncomfortable with your loans and debts. Let us check out 10 debt management tips that you should follow to improve your financial situation, irrespective of how much you owe.

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Start Saving For Your Retirement As Soon As You Start Earning

There’s no denying that the young people of this generation save more as compared to their counterparts from the previous generation. But saving for retirement is still not on the priority list of people in their 20s. With so many financial priorities and aspirations, the retirement planning often gets pushed away. If you are in your 20s, you must understand that saving for a pension is much important than you realize at this stage. Compound interest, undoubtedly, plays a crucial role but there are other valid reasons that make early saving a beneficial deal for happy retirement. Here, we will talk about five good reasons why you should start saving for your retirement at the early stages of your career.

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How Invoice Management Software Can Benefit Your Business

Any bookkeeper can tell you that keeping things organized in an office can be a challenge. The weekly and monthly routine tasks can seem endless when a system is not working in a streamlined way. Many firms rely on using computer accounting software to organize certain aspects of their daily business to make things easier. Invoicing and other accounts payable tasks can take up a lot of time, but with an invoice management software system you can have your entire system working at maximum efficiency.

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7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Taking A Personal Loan

A personal loan can be helpful in fulfilling your short-term financial needs. These loans can be effective financial tools to meet your immediate monetary requirements and pull you out of the monetary crisis. Many people use personal loans to pay for expenses related to home renovation, wedding, holidays, credit card debts, etc. It is a form of an unsecured loan, which means it does not require any type of security. However, this is the reason personal loans also attract a high rate of interest when compared to secured loans.

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6 Accounting Tips Every Small Business Owner Must Know

The success of any business is largely dependent on two factors – maximizing sales and minimizing costs. And when it comes to cost management, it is necessary that you maintain accurate accounts of every financial transaction of your business. To help you out, we list below six accounting tips that will definitely help every small business in managing their finances better.

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Industrial Auction Tips for Heavy Engineering Machinery

If you’re looking for affordable equipment such as earthmovers or forklifts, you might have some luck at industrial equipment auctions. As a newbie bidder, you might have a hard time navigating through the used equipment available at the auction. You need to know what you’re looking for beforehand, whether fleet vehicles or construction equipment to allow you to assess the available options and make a successful bid. Here’s what you need to know to participate in the auctions for industrial equipment.

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How Hard is it to Raise Money in 2018?

More than before, startups today are sourcing for capital. Likewise, investors are seeking for the best investment to put money on to achieve a good return. On these backgrounds, we had a chat with Dirk Röthig, a German investment specialist. In the conversation, we talked about his vision, and the chances for startups and investors, as well as success tips for startups in finding the perfect investor for their business?

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What is Bitcoin and the Blockchain?

Bitcoin is virtual currency or electronic money introduced through a peer-to-peer payment system. In fact, many have deemed cryptocurrency as the future of alternative money to the traditional brick and mortar banking. Exchanges for virtual currency are made through e-wallet software. With the popularity of Bitcoin gaining momentum and acceptance, the traditional banking system is getting somewhat undermined.

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