Ray Dalio’s Endless Pursuit of Excellence

Ray Dalio released his book Principles last year. He is the seventeen billion dollars founder of Bridgewater Associates. I’ve compiled a list of lessons that I learned from Ray:

Test your assumptions with real data

Build a financial model and see how it fares out against 100 years of market data. If it does well, then there is a good chance that it’ll do well in the future. Always build models and use data to test any assumptions. Gut feeling is not enough. Believability test everything, that’s how you win.

Build simple models

The economy is defined by a line of productivity as well as small and large cycles. That economic model explains every boom and bust in history. Simple, isn’t it. Build models that simplify your life. That’s my key to understanding the quirks of life.

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5 Hobbies You Can Do in your Retirement to Make Money

When you think about retirement, one of the things that you can think about is that you will already be quitting your job. And when you quit your job, it also means that you will no longer have a stable flow of income. It sounds scary, but you know what? This doesn’t have to be the case. Who says you can’t make a lot of money when you have already retired from work?

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5 Reasons Mentorship is Critical for Entrepreneurs

My direct experience and the experience of countless other CEOs and leaders has shown me that mentorship is critical to be the best leader that you can be for your organization. As the old saying goes, “It’s lonely at the top.” This is definitely the case in the CEO role. You can have a great board of directors, a fantastic management team, and a wonderful and supportive spouse or significant other, but it is still very lonely.

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Tips for Making a Successful Business Deal

5 Essential Tips for Making a Successful Business Deal

Making a deal may seem like it’s all about mastering the art of negotiation, but a lot more goes into that than just being a smooth talker. When you’re a business owner, particularly of a small business and you’re preparing to make a deal of any scale, it’s important to do some prep work to make sure you’re able to navigate the process seamlessly, and get the terms that are most beneficial to you and your organization.

Below are five essential things you should do or have in place before you start negotiating a business deal.

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