Business Building: 5 Great Places to Find High-Quality Tech Personnel for Your Business

While finding employees may be a fairly standard process, seeking tech personnel with specialized training may prove difficult. In most cases, entrepreneurs often lack the tech expertise to vet and select candidates. Most talented tech developers have either been poached by large well-paying corporations or have ventured out to start their own companies. So how do non-tech entrepreneurs find high quality tech personnel?

Job recruiting agencies

Recruiters work to pre-screen candidates from the diverse data base with a focus on finding the best fit. Recruitment agencies with a focus in tech jobs possess market knowledge, experience and global reach in delivering exceptional candidates in tech fields. Don’t limit the search to your local talent pool since the right tech personnel may not live nearby. So hiring a recruiter may prove useful in reaching a larger hiring pool. For an overview of the services offered by tech recruiters, visit

Industry specific job boards

Finding job boards and websites that are specific to your industry where your offer is consistent with the rest that offer the same services as you, may be a great way to advertise for a tech vacancy. Also upcoming tech markets across the globe may be the best places to look for great technical talent. Look to fill positions in tech areas where the talent pool is large and hungry for new opportunities.

Referral programs

Offering incentives such as referral fees to people within your locality when looking for employees can turn many into recruiters. With the need to cash in, you may just end up with a significant number of recommendations from a huge chain of people. This also serves to improve the company brand as the face of the company gets out to a large population.

User groups or sites where candidates are

To engage tech talent in today’s competitive landscape, you need to hang out in the same places where your target audiences are. Check out specific tech sites to see who has the best ratings in the given tech field. You’re likely to identify the talent you’re looking for in user groups on social media sites or popular blogs and forums. In addition, the targeting features on social media sites such as Facebook, can reach people who match the advertised job description and skills.

Create a paid internship program

Hiring tech positions has become very competitive and challenging. So look for potential and not just work experience when seeking out new hires. Technical skills can be easily learnt and completed on the job training by most talented and bright seniors from colleges and universities. They acquire the experience and have a try at client assignments that a full time employee would do. This may allow you to access which of the interns would add value to the team if hired.

In the competitive market for tech talent, candidates have their picks of positions and brands they would love to work for. The business’ culture and goals are the bigger factors that people base their job decisions on. Be sure to look out for great places mentioned above to highlight your company’s core values and the candidates work related competencies you’re seeking out for.

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