Beginning a Contracting Business

If you are thinking of beginning a contracting business in the UK, you probably have plenty of questions and a few fears. Research to help you know what to expect can help alleviate these fears and answer most of your questions.

There are many reasons why people decide to start a contracting business, including a more flexible lifestyle and financial gains. The following ten tips will explain how to get started and answer the most common questions about beginning a contracting business in the UK.


Most people thinking of going into the contracting business wonders if they are good enough. The simple answer is yes. There are contracting jobs available for people of all skill levels. Not all contractors have tons of experience and knowledge. Because there is such a demand for contractors who offer flexible hours and different rates. Most people cannot afford an expert or do not want to wait for the expert’s schedule to clear up. This means that there are plenty of customers looking for someone just like you!


Many people think contractors only do tedious work; however, this is false. A contractor’s work is more varied and interesting than 9 to 5 jobs.

Job Search

Contractors who find work are those that know how to find those looking for help. You will need to know how to follow leads and land contracts if you are going to succeed in the business.


Another important part of being a contractor is being a good salesman. When you bid on a contract, you need to know how to negotiate your rate. Furthermore, learning to be a good salesperson will ensure that you have plenty of work even when the market demands are low.


You should develop a targeted CV for each job you bid on. This will help get you noticed and increase your chances of landing that contract.


How well you interview is essential to securing a contract. Prepare for your interview and learn the most common interview mistakes and how to avoid them. Finally, practice your interview in front of a mirror to ensure that you look confident. Look at this piece from Quanta and take on some of the reasons why they’re contractors are famously good.


The rate you charge is determined by the current market demand. Whether you choose to charge hourly, daily or by the job, ensure that you are in line with the current market prices. Using an agent is a great way to find contracts. When negotiating terms, know the market and be flexible.

Starting a Business

There are several choices when it comes to starting a business. You can begin your own limited organization or use an umbrella company to get you started. You will need to have this done once you sign your first contract.

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