Want to run your business like it’s world-class? Start with a POS upgrade.

Ok, so you have a trendy, new boutique shop.  You’re beginning to get traction and exposure in your community, and your sales are growing.  All your hard work, all those sleepless nights, the maxed-out credit cards … it’s finally starting to become worth it.

But now you have a new problem.  Your current POS software is outdated.  It takes forever to add new products.  It only works on Windows (not your tablet or smartphone).  And the reporting is atrocious.  Well, I’ve got some good news for you.

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Make your business look like the multi-million dollar company it deserves to be

So, you’re involved in a new startup, but are already overwhelmed with creating your first product … testing, making improvements, and getting feedback from early adopters.  Of course you don’t have the time or energy to worry about creating an eye-catching logo, building a responsive website, managing your social media accounts, or doing video marketing.  But what if there was an easy way to take care of all these things?

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Want to be an SEO specialist? It’s easier than you think.

I just discovered this brilliant tool and wanted to share it with you. Most of us involved in marketing have some knowledge about SEO basics. You likely know what SEO stands for: Search Engine Optimization.  Easy.  And you’ve probably heard people talk about “keywords” and “backlinks”. But unless you’re some kind of robot genius, it’s pretty difficult to write SEO-optimized content (ie. content that Google will LOVE) on-the-fly. Until now…

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