What Does It Take for Millennials to Notice Your App?

It is no surprise that tech-savvy, innovative millennials account for a huge chunk of smartphone users. After all, many of them value their phones so much that they’d rather lose their car instead. With such high value that millennials place on their precious phones, mobile marketers all over the world can agree that this generation is where the money lies. In the United States alone, millennials represent $200 billion in annual buying power, hence their ability to drive the biggest changes in various industries across the board.

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Hiring the best team

Software Development is the Backbone of Every Startup: Hiring the Best Team to Help Get You Off the Ground

Every startup knows how tough the competition is today.

Whether you’re a tech think tank or a social media platform, struggling to get your service or app off the ground, it is always nerve-wracking to have to go through the crucial stages of business development, from writing a vision-mission statement to the eventual product launch. The market, too, has been more discerning over the years; and as consumers, we are more knowledgeable and vocal about what we want and don’t want.

Any lingering doubts or even just the slightest hint of misstep can break your enterprise – word spreads fast, and people who thrive in schadenfreude are only too happy to join the melee if things go wrong.

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