Angeloop – The post-funding investor management for smart founders

If your startup has ever received outside capital, you probably found it difficult to communicate with your investors and keep them updated on the performance of our business.

Well, the founders of Angeloop also experienced this pain, and took it upon themselves to come up with a solution!

angelloop-logoAngeloop is a post-funding investor management tool for founders to leverage, nurture and cultivate their investors. Their founder members use the platform to track their performance, manage their cap table and most importantly build relationships with their investors who have a real dedication to helping them scale their venture.

Check out this video that explains how it works:

Maybe you’re an angel investor, VC, or involved in a startup accelerator? Well you can benefit from using Angeloop too. You can view your entire portfolio including your investment amount, ownership stake, company valuation, and cap table.  But not only that, you get frequent updates from the startup founder(s) and can even send them direct messages through the platform.  How cool is that?

When investors are managed properly, startups benefit by:

  • A rich source of client leads, that is otherwise ignored
  • A source of hires (for example: executive staff)
  • Increased funding for future rounds
  • The pool of available investors increases, because the risks are reduced and the private market investment process is less intimidating (more transparency is good, right?)

Angeloop has a lofty goal, but it looks to me like they’re doing a bang-up job so far.  With their plan for a new venture model, through social features like chats, networks and data, they support their users to interact in ways that help both sides scale, and increase the value that their private markets represent.

They’re offering a 1-month free trial, then plans start at $50/mo.

So head over to Angeloop and get started better managing your investors, or your portfolio!


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