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One of the most important lessons in business is to set yourself up so you can concentrate on what you do best. I’ve met many small business owners that have a skill that sets them apart from the competition, but don’t spend enough time using that skill because they are drawn away to other parts of their business. A great mechanic wants someone else to deal with customers, answer the phone and prospect for new clients so he can spend his time fixing cars, as an example. And this simple move can transform your business from an ongoing concern to one that starts to expand and create more income and profit. You will also enjoy your business more as you spend more time doing the thing that you are great at.

Some small business owners don’t think that they are large enough to hire full-time members of staff to carry out some of these other tasks. But you don’t have to have someone directly on your monthly payroll to have help in key areas. A Business To Business (B2B) provider such as Adauctus can help in many ways. They offer more than one service and can free up your valuable time to do what you do best. Their website can be found at and their services include-

Virtual office

One of the basic services that the virtual provides is someone to answer the phone when you can’t. Adauctus can provide this and forward you the important calls. This also gives your customers other benefits – your customers can always get through to you, it provides a professional image and gives you the freedom to leave the office for meetings or appointments, if the need arises. You can do this safe in the knowledge that you won’t miss a vital call.


Having your tax affairs in order is essential for the small business. As your small business looks bigger, how tax-efficient you are can make a huge difference. Adauctus can look at cross-border tax advantages from their base in Switzerland. Company registration is important and having that conversation with a professional in this field is important.

Director search

Does your company require a strategic and dynamic director? Adauctus will find suitable employees for the board of your company or an experienced director. Having someone conduct this search that has carried it out before talks the stress out of the situation, as you can relax in the knowledge that a professional and competent search will be carried out to your instructions.

Business can be difficult enough when it’s dealing with the things you know about. Leave the things that you don’t know enough about to professionals. You wouldn’t attempt to deal with legal matters – you will give this to your solicitor. You wouldn’t attempt to deal with tax affairs – you will leave this to your accountant.

Small business and startups can get ahead by using professional services from around the globe. An early conversation with Adauctus can save a lot of searching around for solutions at a later stage. Contact them today and have that conversation.

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