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7 Tips to Get More Instagram Followers for your Startup

If you’re not familiar with it, Instagram is a social media platform that has taken the world by storm the in recent years. It entails the use of photos to engage your followers.

Needless to say, the more followers you have on the platform the better and the tips below are intended to help swell your fan base and ensure as many people as possible see your imagery.

1. Always post quality photos

Instagram is a social media platform that prides itself with posts of quality photos. Therefore, if your phone camera is not bright or takes blurred images, you are bound to miss the opportunity of attracting more followers which is everyone`s objective. If your phone camera takes photos that are not up to the mark, taking pictures using a DSLR then uploading them through your PC could prove to be the best alternative.

2. Make use hashtags

Hashtags are reliable and vital in connecting you with many followers. In your quest to get more Instagram followers, it is advisable to add a trending hashtag to a post or consider shooting a photo that is targeted at certain trending hashtag. This will give you the best platform to know the interest level of your post by viewing the number of likes. Furthermore, if you have been a fan of hashtags for an extended period, it is now time you consider posting those photos that have earlier the attracted the most likes. Here are some good tips.

3. Talk with people

It is common to every Instagram user to find a person that posts the kind of things that are appealing, and you like. Such a person usually has many followers due to the good things that they post. Therefore, it advisable to try and talk to such a person and attempt to spark a conversation which can prompt his/her followers to click your profile to see the kind of things that you post. Hence, that would lead you to get more followers in the long run.

4. Proper timing of your posts

The time you post a particular thing plays a crucial determinant on whether your post will trend or not. Most Instagram users stay up to date on all happenings in the world due to the high level of interaction. Hence, it is vital to know an ideal time to make your posting. For example, it is best to post your things at that point when most people are out on a break; either breakfast or lunch break to get their maximum attention.

5. Aim at engaging your audience

Your sole objective should always be to interact with your audience as much as you can. One way by which your audience interact with you is by commenting on your posts. But one does not just comment on your post unless it is attractive or is depicting something that is funny or provocative. Therefore, to get more followers, it is imperative to invest on your creativity to lure many people into engaging with your post more and more.

6. Use Instagram more

Sincerely speaking, the more you post, the more followers you are bound to get. If you are the kind of Instagram user that hardly makes a post, be sure not to expect any followers unless you remain active. To get a verification of this, you can have a look at the feeds of the people you follow and see how active they are. One trick is to buy Instagram followers. By increasing your follower numbers people often feel they are missing out and are more inclined to join up.

7. Learn from the experts

The internet websites provide an array of guides to improved social media strategies. You will get easy and priceless tips on how to increase your Instagram followers without much hassle. Therefore, utilize these free platforms to gain vital information that will lead you to get many Instagram followers by using easy strategies.

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