7 Tips To Attract More Traffic To Your Website Through Guest Posts

When looking to attract more traffic to your website, one good way to do so is by writing guest posts. And the best part is that you can do this for free and can still generate massive amounts of traffic. However, one thing that can confuse many newbies is how to write in a way that will ensure that the maximum number of people will end up visiting their website. To help you with this, we list below a few tips you must follow when writing guest posts so as to generate the best possible response.

Quality of Website

The first thing to take into account is the quality of the website to which you are contributing the guest post. Ideally, it should be a website with a large number of followers who are interested in the area that you are focused on. For example, if you review iPhone Apps, then you must look to submit articles on a website that focuses on publishing information about iPhone apps. This will ensure that your post will get the best exposure and response. If you publish the article on a website focusing on smartphone technologies, then you will still get responses, but they are likely to be from less interested readers when compared to the previous site. When starting out, you will only be able to write for small blogs. As such, you may have to compromise a little and write for sub-standard websites. However, once you have published a few articles, you can then focus on larger, more niche websites. And if you are thinking of how to write an impactful guest post for a blog, then this article will help you do it right.

Post Type

To get more traffic from guest posts, your article must leave a deep impact on the readers so that they click through your links and check out your website. And for this to happen, you must first decide which type of post you wish to write. Generally, there are four main types of guest posts you can submit – the inspiring post, the infographic post, the interview post, and the pillar post. The inspiring post, as the name suggests, aims to inspire the readers to act on a specific thing. These types of posts should be submitted to blogs focused on self-improvement, entrepreneurship etc.

The interview post if more about getting information about a particular field from a person or group of people who are known to be experts in that field. Such posts should be submitted to websites that focus on the niche that is covered in the interview. So, an interview about solar energy must be submitted to blogs focused on renewable energy, sustainable living, and so on. The infographic post creates a graphical presentation of information. These are ideal to be posted either in the nice which is covered or on websites that focus on trivia, general knowledge etc. Finally, a pillar post is an article that covers a specific topic in-depth. Such articles tend to be very long and will attract users who are looking for detailed information about a specific topic. These posts also have a higher chance of generating high-quality traffic since the readers generally will see the writer as someone who is well versed in the subject matter and therefore follow the author’s website.

Duplicate Content

Always make sure that you never ever post duplicate content on the guest site. There are two aspects to this – content that is found on other websites and content that is similar to the guest website. Whatever be the source, once your content is considered duplicate, the owner of the website is very likely to ban you from ever posting on their website. After all, you have also negatively affected their authority by posting duplicate content on their blog. As such, it is to be expected that the owners will take strict action against you. Plus, if the readers see that you have just posted a duplicate content, then they will not see you as a genuine, informative person. As such, neither will they visit your website or subscribe to your list, but they are also likely to avoid any articles from you on any other website. So, ensure that all articles you submit as a guest post writer are completely unique and 100% yours. Only then will you be able to generate reader interest and attract them to your website.

Post Bio

You will have the option to write down a small bio of yourself on the guest website. This will typically be displayed at the end of each article. So, make sure that you write the bio in a way that it shows your expertise and qualities. For example, when writing a bio for an article that deals with social media marketing, you should mention the number of years you have been doing social media marketing, the number of clients you have served, and the number of clients who saw a jump in their business thanks to your tactics. When the visitors will read through such a bio, they are more likely to check out your website and follow you.

Landing Pages

Remember to link your landing page to the article. This way, you can direct your readers to an opt-in form and make them subscribe to you. And by doing so, you will be able to remain in constant touch with them. In contrast, if you only provide a link to your website in the article, then the readers might just visit your site for once and then forget about ever visiting again. But by making them subscribe to the website, you can always send them links to new articles published on your website, thereby generating consistent traffic.

Comment Replies

One good way to attract more readers to your website is to reply to their comments. Once a reader likes your article, they are very likely to post a comment with their thoughts. Look through these comments, select a few ones you think are suitable for the topic and give some constructive replies. Remember, you don’t have to reply to every single comment. Just a few good comments are sufficient. Once the readers see that you have taken time to reply to a few of the comments, then they will likely see you as a genuine person who is really interested in sharing their knowledge and helping out their followers. This will inevitably make them interested in you, eventually generating more traffic to your website.

Short URLs

When you use any kind of links, either in the article or in your bio, make sure that you only post a shortened one. Never ever post a long URL since that will look too unprofessional. And when using a shortened URL, it is also better if you can make it branded as well. For example, a URL that looks something like eat.in/amazing-super-foods is more likely to generate clicks than something that looks like ‘24news.me/X430898HJKSTU.html’. While the last URL gives no information about the content of the web page to a reader, the branded URL gives them a clear idea as to what to expect from the website they will visit. Plus, it also looks much cleaner and professional.

Try and implement the tips we have mentioned and you will surely see a positive change in the results. You will start picking the right websites to write guest posts for, your articles will look more informative and professional, and soon the traffic from all your guest posts will also see a massive jump.

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