5 Ways to Grow Your Business Through Client Feedback

Successful businesses know all too well that their clients matter the most. For one, every purchase they make does not only represent revenue, it represents an opportunity for a business to expand. But what’s more important is how you are perceived through client feedback.

Every positive review or mention is currency in terms of brand recognition. If someone is more than satisfied with your service, it doesn’t help to sweep their approval under the rug. In fact, you are doing your business a great disservice by not taking action on the positive feedback from your audience.

In this sense, leveraging feedback from your audience will put your brand in the spotlight. So, open up new opportunities for expansion with these five tips for proper feedback management.

Organize online reviews

Whether you have an online store or an inspirational blog, expect visitors to say something about your content. Especially if your reviews come with a five-star review widget, you are bound to feature the best comments front and center.

But supposing you have a large volume of client feedback in just one page, what would you to boost positive ratings you want new visitors to view? Well, you can always use an online review management software to index good reviews and deal with bad ones. Such technology can help you enhance your brand’s presence and impact sales conversions.

Designate a feedback manager

From startups to larger businesses, there is always a great deal of work to be done along the lines of digital marketing. You need one team to provide backend support, and you need to have “frontliners” handling your CRM activities.

Amidst the clutter, you just can’t afford to neglect client feedback, so you will have to have someone to properly manage comments and reviews and respond quickly to valuable opinions. What’s more, this department should work closely with other core teams to determine the best way to incorporate feedback into the overall business strategy.

Respond appropriately to negative reviews

There’s always something valuable in responding immediately to a comment no matter how negative it may be.

This has a lot to do with knowing how best to write back to clients. With that being said, extra caution is needed in order to avoid escalating the situation. So, choose your words carefully and double-check your responses before you hit the Submit button.

Be down-to-earth

Building rapport is essential to building trust. So, whenever you encounter feedback for a product or a blog post, start by thanking the user and suggest another action for him or her to take. For example, you can provide the user with a link to another piece of content on your site. Personalize your responses and you might win another customer along the way.

Be honest with  queries

Your visitors may have questions to the information in your content. And in some cases, there are some queries that you aren’t able to prepare for. Rather than ignore these queries, you will have to give a response or else risk a client relations issue. Even if you don’t have the answers they wanted, tell them directly in the most professional way possible.

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