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5 Ways Lighting Can Update Your Home

Architectural lighting design can change the form and function of a space. Lighting can change a pool hall into a nightclub, or a sports arena into a rock concert. Light has a powerful effect on perception and draws attention — whether intended or not.  

Your living space requires constant maintenance and updates to function well for your family. The furniture, lights, and artwork give it character and transitions it from a house into a home.

Creative and efficient lighting design adds functionality and beauty for the people who live there. Lighting transforms modest spaces into stunning artwork displays and defines the functional flow of an awkward space.

Light can change what people see and create a new reality in your home.

Use light to set the mood

Commercial spaces like restaurants and bars are especially adept at creating ambiance. Dark spaces with subtle backlighting in neon colours create a tropical, party atmosphere which encourages patrons to indulge.

The simplest project to update your home involves swapping out the bulbs in your current fixtures. Changing your bulbs to colour-changing bulbs is the simplest way to effect a change in mood in your space. Philips Hue light bulbs are controlled through an app on your phone to select energizing or relaxing settings for a cocktail party or a night in with a good book.  Bathe your room in millions of colours like cyan, green, or blue, or tinker with the shades of white light. Tailor the light settings to help you wake up more easily or sleep better at night with 14,000 shade choices.

Change scale and proportion with lights

Furniture dictates how space is used and its usefulness. Consider how impactful home staging is for making space feel generously proportioned and comfortable. The right lighting can affect the flow of a room as much as the colours and designs of luxurious furniture.

Installing lights on top of kitchen cabinets will make the ceiling appear higher, while under-cabinet lights will make work areas look more spacious. Cabinet lighting is simple enough for most homeowners to accomplish without professional help, and is an inexpensive way to create the perception of more space.  

Synchronize lights and music to energize a party

Sophisticated internet-based lighting systems will change colour and flash along with your music to provide an instant party atmosphere. Immerse yourself in a new level of home entertainment by adding lights that dance along to the beat of the music.

Install a simple directional lamp controlled by a smart home system with Wi-Fi control. Tabletop lamps provide indirect ambient lighting that washes the wall behind your entertainment equipment in colourful shades. As the lights flash and change to the beat of your music, the walls will pulse and transform the ambiance of your party.  

Show your art in its best light  

If you’ve invested in a piece of art, you want to display it in the best possible way. Wall art isn’t an afterthought. When chosen thoughtfully, it can inspire the entire room. Art can serve as the room’s focal point, drawing the eye and establishing a vibe for the room. If lit correctly, it’s much more likely to succeed.

Individually light each piece of art by installing a ceiling-mounted light that casts a glow across the centre of each painting. Track lighting is the most flexible fixture to accomplish this because you can deliver a wide distribution of light, or narrow the field to spotlight a single piece of art. Track lighting allows you to indirectly light the room while affording flexibility if you relocate art or swap pieces.

Make tasks easier with proper lighting

Research shows that natural light is critical for humans, but it can be sorely lacking in living areas. A smaller, concentrated light helps you see when you’re doing a project that requires finer light. It works best when it contrasts with the surrounding light, so it is more effective in a low-lit room. Well-placed task lighting in the visible light spectrum has been shown to improve school performance in students.

Light can powerfully alter a space

Light can have a powerful effect on architecture by altering the perception of elements like geometry and spaciousness. Your home can be more conducive to entertaining, working, and productivity with the proper installation of lights.

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