5 Top Start-Up Tips for Beginning an Auto Business

Want to start a business in the auto sector?  Then get our tips on how to do just that and succeed.


I attend a lot of events like the Stockport Business Expo. I’m a really prolific networker, and I tell you it really pays off. When you are running a small business, it’s very important for to get your name out. Even if your messages are seen by only a couple local businesses about your services and products, you will have succeeded in expanding your business network. Holding a business card drop was one idea I had for the Stockport Expo. The winner receives a free car service. This idea isn’t expensive, but has brought in hundreds of business cards for us. I can then use these cards to market to prospective customers, to hopefully bring in more corporate clients for our business.

Join reputable networks

If you belong to reputable business markets it looks really good for your company. We are a member of Trust My Garage. We receive several important benefits from this. To become a member, you must show that your work is quality and meets high standards. When customers see we are a member of Trust My Garage, it instantly tells them that there are certain quality goals that we have achieved.

Business networks can also help you with service development, business strategy and marketing, in addition to providing you with positive quality marks. Trust My Garage gives us that kind of franchise recognition without us needing to actually be a franchise business. In particular, corporate clients like having assurances that the business they’re dealing with is credible. It’s the same thing as when they are looking for an independent garage to take their fleet vehicles to. Many industries have these kinds of networks that are available, so it is definitely something that is worth looking into and consider for your small business to become a member of some of these networks.

Get Covered

One of the worst things that can happen to you on the way up is to not insure yourself. Getting covered with some form of insurance such as that offered at traders-insurance.com, can take a lot of the worries away. If someone has an issue with their car for one reason or another and it’s your fault, you’ll be happy you invested in some form of cover.

Push yourself to keep learning

If anyone tries to tell you that you have to have a business background to be successful, just ignore them. Of course that can help. However, the key is being willing to learn, especially at first when things may appear to be overwhelming. Free seminars are available for you to attend. You just need to look online to find them. The very idea of getting a business plan written and then trying to pitch it to a bank probably seems like a terrifying prospect for a majority of mechanics. However, it doesn’t need to be done all alone. The government’s Growth Accelerator initiative, Business Growth Hub, chambers of commerce and other types of organizations are all available to provide you with assistance, so you don’t need to feel like you are all alone.

Many mechanics own garage businesses, and although they want to grow their business, they don’t feel comfortable with the strategic aspects and it is outside of their comfort zone. I don’t feel that’s a very good excuse. You can’t get anywhere if you don’t try to push yourself. Speak with other small business owners. You can learn a lot from them.

Make use of social media

Everyone knows social media is very important for small businesses, but do they know why exactly? Social media enables us to promote what we do and also helps us with keeping out names out in public so that consumers stay aware of us. It is an excellent tool for interacting with customers, helping to make them aware that we are here to deal with any problems or enquiries they might have. Our Twitter account continues to grow. We have 739 followers now. These days, customers of all backgrounds and ages are online, so you definitely want your small business to take advantage of this.

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