5 Tips for SMEs Starting on Social Media

5 Tips for SMEs Starting on Social Media

Starting your small business can take time, effort and money and the latter is often the one in the shortest supply. This may mean a lot of saving and scrimping needs to be involved in the earlier stages.

Even those who manage to get a loan or early funding will need to be careful with their cash. So, we’ve compiled a list of ways to launch and sustain a small business on Facebook with only a little money.

Show You

One of the reasons that social media has been such a huge success as a marketing channel is the fact that it allows businesses the opportunity to have a human face. Social media has allows large and small businesses to showcase their human side – something that’s often a lot harder with other forms of marketing. This allows them to discuss matters with people in a genuine and realistic way that engages them and gets them on-side.

Right Tools

Choosing the right social media tool for the job at hand is very important. Choosing the channel that reflects your brand and also has the most potential for followers is very important here. Different social media sites have completely different demographics using them and finding one that has the demographic for your company can make the chances of success a lot higher. Twitter and LinkedIn are often the most popular in business, however Instagram has a specific sort of following and if it’s you’re a female lifestyle brand then Pinterest could be the one for you. Choose a social media site that fits with your brand.

Be Interesting

At a party everyone runs from the person that talks about themselves and the same is true on social media. Don’t talk about your brand, talk about the customer. People want to be interested and if you provide people with what they want they will be. For example, if you’re a café then post recipes, if you’re a mechanic post tips or reviews of cars. Give the people who follow you media that interest them. Here are some good social media tips.

Be Local

If hiring someone use a social media company that’s local to you or that’s working in your industry. For example, a UK agency will have more understanding of how to engage a US audience, a social media agency UAE or Middle East will know the nuances there and if in the USA then perhaps use one from there. Additionally, it’s often good to use companies that work in specific niches – that can help a lot too.


Don’t blindly post on social media either. There are plenty of great tools for analysis out there and these can help you see what’s working and what isn’t. Building a social media following is a long term plan. There are numerous tools out there that can help you evaluate how you’re doing and how things are going. And remember that even though social media is a numbers game, it’s more about how you engage people that counts.

Follow these tips and you should be on the way to more social media success and a better effort online.

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