5 More Tips on How To Choose the Best Content Marketing Agency

Choosing the right content marketing agency can make a notable difference to your marketing and getting your name out in front of the right people. So, how do you do it? Well, we have five great tips.

1. Look at Their Strategic Capabilities

Does the company have a documented strategy? According to recent CMI surveys, most brands do not. This lack of strategy is often reflected in the returns shown from their marketing initiatives.

Before hiring a content marketing agency, ask about their strategic capabilities. Does the company have a consistent approach? Is there a strong methodology? And, do they have a good track record? This final question is the most important.

Ask the company for case studies and clients you can contact. Has this company helped other brands to develop a successful marketing campaign? What approach was used? How can their content marketing strategy engage your audience, improve your marketing plan or accomplish the goals set for your business?

2. Marketing Tools, Outcomes, and Results

When choosing a marketing agency you need to ask which tools are offered with their service. You’ll also need to know how the actionable outcomes and results of working with their company. In order to assess the success of your marketing efforts, you should work with a data-driven agency. The data you receive will help determine the viability of a marketing program and reveal your ROI?

When selecting a marketing service you need to know which type of data is provided. Which data and measurement tools are used? Do they have a specific measurement process? Which indicators are reported and how often will you receive these reports? Access to this information will help you identify problems with your marketing efforts and assist you in making a decision whether or not to change course.

3. Look Under the Hood

Before you sign a contract for services, you should get to know the people you’re going to be working with. Often, you’ll find that the boss and other high-ranking employees disappear after the deal is signed.

When researching a company question the layer of accounting and project management. Are their experienced people available to answer your questions? Are these people you’d want to hire to work for you? If you would not hire the people that your marketing agency want you to work with, then why should you pay to work with them.

You need to find a company that is the right fit for you and your company. They need to understand your motivations, values, and goals. Then, they need to have the experience, knowledge and skills sets needed to help you achieve those goals.

Meet the team who will be handling your account as soon as possible. Ask they question about their work and experience. Before you sign a contract to work with a company, make sure you feel comfortable that they are capable of handling your tasks and enhancing the value of your brand.

4. Marketing Technology

When selecting a content marketing agency, you need to understand the technology available to the agency. Marketing technology is a necessity because it is needed to measure audience engagement, identify new markets and attribute revenue and audience actions to the corresponding marketing efforts.

If the technology used by the agency can be accessed by you and your team, you need to consider the user interface. If the interface is complex, how much training will be needed before your employees can use it efficiently? A simple interface will make training easier and allow your employees to access the information and results when needed. This is important if you will be using the interface on a daily basis.

If your company uses a specific technology platform, make sure the marketing agency’s technology is compatible suggests Abacus Marketing a Creative Marketing Agency¬†in London. Also, ask the marketing agency if they have experience with the platform and if their campaign can be used to complement it.

5. Longevity and Retention

When looking at the marketing agency’s past clients, ask yourself if any have gone the distance? While their initial campaign for a company may have been successful, has the marketing company been able to manage during the highs and lows of the marketing campaign.

Can they deliver on their promises? The only way to gain this information is to contact the agency’s clients. Do these have a number of clients that renew their contracts or sign on for addition campaigns? You’ll get the best information from clients that might not be listed on their contact list or provided as references.

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